OpenSpace3D 1.82

OPENSPACE3D V1.82: Theme editor

The version 1.82 of OpenSpace3D finally brings the theme editor which allows to easily edit the overall appearance of the user interfaces of your applications. Using a theme helps to standardize your interfaces, facilitates the construction of a graphic chart and the switch between several appearances. It also allows you to change the appearance of elements that did not allow it so far, such as dialogs.

All compatible interface plugITs have been updated to be able to use them, and two new themes, a light and a dark one, are included to test and get an idea of the possibilities offered by the interface themes.

You can learn how to use the interface themes here.



Hotel room VR


This update includes a plugIT search engine, making it easier to find the plugIT adapted to your need from keywords.

We also began to rework the online documentation, and integrated an offline version with OpenSpace3D so that it is always accessible.We plan to gradually improve it, and we need your help for that: do not hesitate to contact us if you spot an error or if you still have questions. Better yet, join us on the forum to ask your questions and participate in the development of OpenSpace3D and its community. We go there very frequently to answer you.

In addition, we will now be offering a beta version for upcoming OpenSpace3D releases on the forum a few weeks before their releases, and we need your help to test, debug, and improve the new features before release.



The scale of user interfaces for mobile devices has been improved to keep an equivalent size for a variety of screen sizes and resolutions, and it is possible to apply your own scaling factor.. The material editor lets you change the orientation of the light in the preview, the precision of the user interfaces has been increased to allow more precise positioning, the behavior of multi-touch has been improved …

We continue to regularly update many aspects of OpenSpace3D, more or less visible, to increase the quality of the applications you can produce and improve your experience with the software. We work with you to make your job easier, provide tools that meet your needs, and reduce the workload required to build an application.

OpenSpace3D 1.81

OPENSPACE3D V1.81 : Interactivity and support

OpenSpace3D is still evolving, this time with a number of small additions allowing more interactivity.

Thus, it is now possible to use text fields concealing their content to enter passwords, and the new plugIT “Hash” can encrypt them according to various algorithms for secure transmissions.

Recent interface plugITs now also support multitouch, allowing you to interact with multiple elements simultaneously, making it possible to create complex touch controls!

OS3D 1.81


Android Studio and App Bundle


As previously announced, two new export types have been added for Android: the App Bundle export, the new format offered by Google for the Play Store to simplify the deployment of optimized applications, and the Android Studio project export, allowing developers to tweak their application or integrate it into another application using Android Studio.

For other additions for Android, the plugIT “Share” now allows to trigger a file or text sharing, the plugIT “Open file” can open a file with a third-party application (on all systems), and the size of interfaces now adapts automatically according to the pixel density of the device used.



This update also brings compatibility with the latest version of Raspbian, Raspbian 10 Buster.

On Windows, the “ODBC” plugIT now allows access to any type of database to data through the eponym API.

Minor fixes have been made on some plugITs and small optimizations have been made on various aspects of the software, continuing to increase the performance and reliability of OpenSpace3D.

OpenSpace3D 1.80

OPENSPACE3D V1.80 : Technical reworks and convenient options

OpenSpace3D 1.80 was the occasion for us to update and rework a good chunk of the inner workings that make this project possible, so although it may not be apparent, it has been a great enhancement for us.

But that is not all because as always, this version brings in its share of new plugITs, new features, new optimizations and new ergonomics enhancements !

Three new plugITs join the list to allow the manipulation and display of arrays, while some of the biggest plugITs now only show the most importants of their features when opened. Of course, no feature was removed, and every the non-essential feature is just a click away from you.

The “Custom interface” plugIT has been vastly improved with two brand new element types availables, new options on existing types and many ergonomic and functionality fixes. Almost all of the interfaces plugIT can now be navigated with the keyboard arrows, a controller or a remote, depending on the device you use.

OS3D 1.80



Virtual Reality has been improved once again in OpenSpace3D, this time with VR trackers support such as the HTC Vive Trackers.

Attach these trackers on any object so that it can be tracked and integrated in the virtual world to create perfectly natural interactions.

Others improvements include several options for the pointer rays, an auto-click option to simulate a touch from the controller on clickable interfaces or objects.



Although almost unchanged in appearance, the internal workings of the Android export have been completely revised to use more modern techniques, more in line with Google’s standards.

This allowed us to add support for 64-bit architectures (arm64-v8a and x86_64) and Android TV, and we plan to add the ability to export your projects as an App Bundle and Android Studio projects in the future.

Also, following a few reports that several Android smartphones and tablets could not run OpenSpace3D applications, we would like to know if this update solved the problems for these devices. Your returns will be most appreciated.



The 3D models import options are saved between each import so that you son’t need to set these again for consecutive imports, you can now apply a default scale and import several models simultaneously.

The “SQLite” plugIT now supports UTF-8 encoding, you can move and resize most of the Interface plugITs while the application is running and offset the rotation point of the “Examine view” plugIT to accomodate an interface covering part of the screen.

Various corrections have been done on several plugITs and functionalities of OpenSpace3D, and some other functionalities are already under development.