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For nearly 10 years, I-Maginer develops Virtual and Augmented Reality environments based on powerful 3D technology.

I-Maginer has now positioned itself as both a Service company in free software and as an editor of a free and Open Source development platform: OpenSpace3D

Our goals:

  • Facilitate the development of new environments for simulation, innovation and prototyping, collaborative work (distant meetings in web conference), training (virtual classroom, learning and serious games), marketing (3D Showrooms), e-commerce (shopping malls and virtual shops), social networks of expression and sharing (personal 3D spaces) or massively multiuser games (MMOG)… both professional and public applications.
  • Provide engineers and developers an open and free development platform for Virtual and Augmented Reality applications and allow them to prototype new Virtual Reality HMI.
  • Democratize the use of Virtual and Augmented Reality and allowing access to a wide audience ranging from students to large accounts through SMEs and research institutions

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I-maginer is 2008 Intraverse prize winner, together with the Laval Virtual tradeshow for the creation of the ” Virtual Fantasy-Senior City”, and 2010 Intraverse prize winner, together with DCNS for the sowroom e-service.

I Maginer develops virtual reality applications for large accounts as DCNS (Showroom e-service, Virtual School), Federation Multiville-Vendome Group (Habitat Future Act Showroom and OpenBuilding 3D), for Media as Enjeux Les Echos (creation of avatars and 3D space virtual Enjeux-les-Echos), SMEs as BCMW (online store, 3D virtual shopping mall project Happymarket), Real Estate promoters as Satov and AAP (inhabitable image) and structures such as Nantes Airport -alpha ACI Association (3D event to launch the intranet).

I-Maginer is the recipient of the call for serious gaming project launched in 2009 by the State Secretary for Digital Economy  and Leader of  PISE project (immersive platform for job interview simulation).

Our training center Arinfo (www.arinfo.fr) has trained over 4500 professionals and 700 companies with software for CAD / CAM, 2D/3D graphics and web design.

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