OpenSpace3D 1.92

Last release date : 1.92 – 12/06/2023

OpenSpace3D setup download and install several programs, antivirus software can block them without any reasons. If this problem happen disable your antivirus software and install OpenSpace3D.


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Portable version

3D library assets, demos and examples are included.

Last release date : 12/06/2023
OpenSpace3D 1.92 portable (64bits) : Download
OpenSpace3D 1.92 portable (32bits) : Download


Individual packages

3D library

Last release date : 05/04/2023

Free 3D models library provided by Educartec : Download


Kinect pack V2.7.0

Last release date : 05/04/2023
Kinect pack setup for Openspace3D (64bits) : Download
Kinect pack setup for Openspace3D (32bits) : Download


Android pack V2.15

Last release date : 12/06/2023
Android pack setup for Openspace3D : Download


Linux pack V1.19

Last release date : 12/06/2023
Linux pack setup for Openspace3D : Download


Raspberry Pi pack V1.19

Last release date : 12/06/2023
Raspberry Pi pack setup for Openspace3D : Download


MacOS pack V1.18

Last release date : 12/06/2023
MacOS pack setup for Openspace3D : Download


IOS pack V1.16

Last release date : 12/06/2023
IOS pack setup for Openspace3D : Download


Windows pack V1.12

Last release date : 12/06/2023
Windows pack setup for Openspace3D : Download


3D exporters

Easy Ogre Exporter for 3dsMax

Last release date : 04/16/2021
3dsMax exporter for Ogre/Openspace3D : Download


Sketchup Exporter V1.3.4.

Sketchup 6 exporter setup for Ogre/Openspace3D : Download


Scol plugin

Get the Scol Voy@ger 8.6.0 (x64): Download
Get the Scol Voy@ger 8.6.0: Download




Download sources from subversion :


Follow the project, report bugs or submit patches on :


Version History

1.92 – 12/06/2023
– Add network Instantiate user
– Add network First user
– Debug plugit can now get current log entries
– Remade Target plugIT to behave in a more understable way
– Add Set object action to several plugITs (Target, Object control…)
– Update Items plugIT with more actions
– Update Joypad plugIT with device index parameter
– Add Lookat action on FPS plugIT
– Add Physic tools Actions to use with Items plugIT

– Add roughness / metalness to the material editor
– Add cube and cylinder objects in material editor preview
– Add Rect light type and params
– Add VR Passthrough template and example
– Update demos
– Show lights range using a spheric helper
– Correct VR dialog box transparency
– Update documentation

Core / Scol:
– 3D Engine:
* Update to latest Ogre3D version
* Change default shader system to Ogre3D RTSS with custom behaviors
* Add SO3_LEGACY material scheme to keep old shader system
* Better skeleton conversion when importing 3d models
* Import Roughness / metalness textures when importing 3d models
* Make shadows to behave better with other occluding lights
* Reorder textures by type to avoid strange results
* Correction on SO3WidgetSetTopOnFocus
* Make lightshaft fit the light params
* Add Rect light type
* Correct stereo pixel format for MS mixed reality headset
– Speech recognition:
* Add support for Android platform using Vosk offline speech recognition library
– OpenXR:
* Update OpenXR SDK
* Manage Pico hand tracking
* Detect pinch gesture when no Oculus extension available
– Joypad
* Manage device index to allow the user to choose the joypad to use
* Add rumble function for compatibles Joypad
– Audio
* Add input interface for recording


1.91 – 05/04/2023
– Add Items plugIT to creates items to collect
– Chrono: add Pause / Resume actions
– Object position: add “get scale” action
– OpenXR: add an option to use the initial position offset from the room guard center
– Add a microBit plugIT to communicate with a microBit card using a provided firmware
– Custom interface: add a validated text input event
– Material color: allow to set the transparency level of a material

– Add a quick menu on right click on the “open file” toolbar button to open the 10 last projects
– Allow to choose the 3D renderer in portable version (settings)
– Allow to choose the user partition path in portable version (settings)
– Meshes are loaded asynchronously in player and instantiate
– Add helper on point light and spot light to show the light range
– Correction on VR templates

Core / Scol:
– OpenXR: enable passthrough on Pico4
– Correction on a crash with AMD cards
– Correction on corrupted 3D models when no UV coords
– Correction on TGA reader
– Correction on skeleton import from assimp
– Correction on video reader on sound lags
– SO3Engine add SO3SceneCloneEntity and SO3BodyGetShapeDefinition
– LIPSSM shadows can now project 4 lights shadows
– All shadows methods are now override by other scene lights
– Update Ogre3D version


1.90 – 05/01/2023
– Add openXR
– Deprecate Oculus Mobile
– FPS navigation, add events for head / feet / hip pos
– Multitouch, use screen density for swipe gesture

– Update all demos and templates for D3D11 compatibility
– Update VR templates to use OpenXR
– Add export to PICO devices
– Manage Android VR export using OpenXR dependencies

Core / Scol:
– Add OpenXR plugin: Windows OpenGL / D3D11, Android OpenGLES, Meta Quest/Quest2, Pico4, SteamVR, Windows Mixed reality supported.
– Update Assimp for 3D models conversion
– SO3Engine: use D3D11 on Windows
– SO3Engine: rewrite SSAO to use unified shaders
– SO3Engine: manage crytek SSAO and HDR on Android
– SO3Engine: correction on some compositors on Android
– Update Android build to use API 33
– Rebuild all binaries using VS2017


1.87 – 10/06/2022
– Update Countdown plugIT
– Update Explode plugIT
– Add file list plugIT
– Add Vimeo support on Video plugIT
– Small corrections on several plugITs

– Add %IP% variable
– Add bitmaps browser in material editor
– Update helper models
– Update VR templates
– Remove Dex bar template (no more usefull)
– Correction on ressources not loaded
– Add mouse wheel on float controls (over the control buttons)

Core / Scol:
– Update to Android SDK 31
– Add better support for Samsung Dex on Android
– Support Android Windowed mode
– Support files association and file dialog on Android
– Rewrite all SO3Engine shaders using unified shaders.
– Manage SO3Engine models conversion with non standard file names.
– Tests and optims on BitmapToolkit Video decoding.
– Update dependencies SkyX / Hydrax using unified shaders.
– Update dependencies to Ogre 13.3.3
– Update dependencies to Assimp 5.2.0
– Update Apple Binaries
– Update Raspberry Pi Binaries
– Update Linux Binaries
– Update Windows Binaries
– Update Android Binaries


1.86 – 15/10/2021
– Add Online files plugIT
– Add File content plugIT
– Add Unloaded event on Scene loader plugIT
– Change the config files names in several plugITs to manage the full project name (ex: config file)
– Small corrections on several plugITs

– Add Online file browser demo
– Add open file dialog box for bitmaps
– Add create folder button on file save interfaces
– Allow to delete a folder in file save interfaces
– Correct interfaces scaling issues

Core / Scol:
– Add support for Samsung Dex on Android
– Support external USB Camera on Android
– Correct transparent 3D background on Android
– Remove default scale on Android 3D buffer
– Correct Android splash size
– Correct MD5 implementation for little endian
– Manage support of mouse and keyboard on Android / Dex


1.85 – 07/23/2021
– Add rendering lod bias plugIT
– Add help plugIT to display informations in the editor
– Add AR capture stereo plugIT to manage stereo camera
– Add plugIT explode to move the subnodes of an object appart
– Manage OpenVR stereo camera
– Manage 3D videos modes and allow to keep ratio in video plugIT
– Manage compositor and material scheme in camera texture plugIT
– Ar marker now move objects with physics when available
– Object follow now move objects with physics when available
– Serial add delayed Opened event to give Arduino the time to initialize
– Move debug console into Editor category
– Add “set project path” on Instantiate plugIT
– Correction on plugITs languages
– Correct Ar marker crash and limit id to 1022
– Allow to name the Switch plugIT actions
– Update video plugIT for youtube videos

– Add/Update templates in Assets/templates
– Add 3D library in Assets/models/library/goods
– Add chamfered primitives models
– Correct links order on copy / paste
– Correct 360 sphere and templates to prevent the picture to be flipped
– Manage more 3D formats (gltf, glb…)
– Add an option on import models conversion to optimize textures
– Manage stereo viewport size to differ main viewport
– Allow to define a plugIT color in the plugIT XML definition or by the user
– Show the current selected plugIT description from menu in status bar
– Localize plugITs categories
– Allow right click on 3D view position toolbar buttons to invert the behavior
– Allow to detach / attach scene tree, plugITs area and logs from the main window
– Allow to move several nodes in the scene tree using a filtered list
– Allow to filter the scene tree view with a keyword
– Add a menu on scene nodes to isolate the object in 3D view
– Add “Unhide all objects” in scene menu
– Manage truetype fonts for HUD to allow accents on all platforms
– Addition of a “project type” project parameter (Standard, dynamic template (with objects), plugITs template)
– Add a button on plugITs to enable / disable links visibility in groups
– Add a menu in Groups tab to import available dynamic templates directly
– Add a menu in plugITs tab to import available plugITs templates directly
– Add options in OS3D settings to filter plugITs by user level (Basic / Advanced / Expert)
– Add options in OS3D settings to filter templates menus categories
– Default assets, demos and exemples are now in the main scol partition to be common to all users
– Open/Save file dialogs use a custom dialog to show the files in all partitions

Core / Scol:
– Manage stereo widget in 3D engine
– Manage camera LOD bias in 3D engine
– Manage embedded textures on 3D models conversion
– Manage texture optimisation on 3D models conversion
– Manage compositors and material scheme on camera texture
– Manage widgets better when using stereo
– Optimize videos reading for better video / sound synchronisation and avoid lags
– Optimize fonts drawing on bitmaps
– Correct 2D rect widgets not visible in some cases
– Add a callback from menu selection in lib2D _CBmenuHighlight
– Correct Android bundle export
– Manage HTTP proxy on VM, Curl and FFmpeg uses
– Hack wiimote plugin to make it connect on windows 10
– Correction on assimp PLY format for files exported from Solidworks
– Update dependencies (Boost, ffmpeg, assimp…)
– Update Oculus Mobile SDK (need an up to date Oculus Quest)


1.84 – 12/17/2020
– Add “Virtual pointer” plugIT to allow to define a 3D virtual “mouse”
– Add “File transfer” plugIT to send a file over a network
– Add “List” plugIT to store and manage variables in a dynamically-sized list
– Add “Get material” plugIT allowing to retrieve a material at runtime
– Add “String separate” plugIT to split a text string in two after a separator or a certain number of characters
– Add “String replace” plugIT to replace a character or a word in a text string
– Add experimental version of “AR slam” plugIT allowing to do augmented reality without markers, based on surface detection
– Update “Draw” PlugIT to allow to draw on an object, save and reload a drawing and undo / redo a brush stroke
– Update “SQLite” and “ODBC” plugITs with an action to change the database
– Update “Picture” plugIT with an option to preserve the aspect ratio of the picture
– Update “Exec” plugIT to ease the search of files to use as arguments
– Update “Object click” plugIT with:
– an option to affect the children of the selected node
– an option to select the type of parameter returned by an event (name of the object, mouse 2D position or mouse 3D position)
– the “Set object” action to change the selected object
– the “Set material” action to change the selected material
– Update “Get object” plugIT with “Set object name” event allowing to change the object and retrieves the full object name from an unprefixed name
– Update plugIT “Object track” with:
– a more ergonomic key interface
– possibility to switch keys on the timeline
– new axis widget management, hiding the axis widget of the 3D editor and other open “Object track” plugITs to avoid errors
– Update “Internal event” with an option to send one event at a time

– Add support for 3D models in GLB format on import
– Add keyboard shortcuts for bottom, right and back view in the editor. Holding Ctrl while clicking a view button now changes to the opposite view.
– Add a button at the top left of plugITs windows to enable / disable the permanent display of “helpers” of plugITs such as “AR marker” and “Distance” plugITs
– Add a checkbox for exporting a PKOS file in combination with other platforms
– Add selection of plugITs links, allowing to copy / paste plugITs only with the selected links, now including inbound links
– Add a template for network chat and a template for AR with orientation sensor
– Update scene tree to allow to hide / show nodes with middle mouse click , Ctrl + click or via menu.
– Update export window to remember the last export selected
– Correction allowing to use the F10 key, previously unusable
– Correction of PKOS export / import on certain files.

Core / Scol:
– Update Android tools
– Update Android binaries to target API 29
– Correction of a possible crash on camera resize


1.83 – 04/01/2020
– Add “Oculus Mobile” plugIT to create applications for autonomous Oculus VR headsets
– Add ‘Object 2D position” plugIT allowing to place a 3D object according to screen 2D coordinates
– Update “Real-time graph” plugIT with possibility to add a legend, png export and better margins and dimensions calculations
– Update “Custom Interface” plugIT with:
   – Show on start options for elements
   – Possibility to change the parent of an element
   – Possibility to hide an element in the editor to facilitate the creation of multi-layer interfaces
   – Possibility to create checkboxes of custom size when there is no text
   – Possibility to create vertical sliders
   – Advanced actions and events
– Update “Video” plugIT to work with the new Youtube API
– Update “OpenVR controller” plugIT to allow more control on pointer rays activation

– Add Oculus Mobile export to export to autonomous Oculus VR headsets (Oculus Quest, Oculus Go)
– Add “VR cells” demo
– Change 3D interfaces behaviour in VR to be more pleasant
– Update Android export to sign with both v1 & v2 signature schemes
– Correction on material editor
– Prevent too fast async load of plugITs

Core / Scol:
– Update SO3Engine to manage VR on autonomous Oculus VR headsets
– Update shaders fresnel parameters
– Correction on possible crash with fast sockets lost
– Correction on bad buffer access on physics collision generation
– Correction on Line draw on Android
– Correction on audio device selection when using an OS with non-latin characters
– Prevent some crashes in Newton
– Prevent current channel lost on object destroy


1.82 – 11/28/2019
– Add a plugIT search engine (right click > Search a plugIT)
– Update all UI plugITs to use the current theme
– Update all plugITs with new input system
– Update on “AR capture” plugiT to correctly manage the device screen ratio with camera
– Update “Neurosky” plugIT with Enable / Disable action
– Update “Physic ray” plugIT with a distance event
– Correction on “Input mixer” plugIT to allow empty value
– Correction on “Dialog list” plugIT size calculation and update
– Correction on some plugITs lang files and documentation location

– Update the OS3D splash and loading screen
– Complete themes API in V3DUI
– Manage themes in instances
– Add complete theme editor for UI plugITs
– Add theme selector and UI scale parameter in project settings
– Add two new themes in assets
– Add new input system for plugITs that manage multi-touch / VR inputs / mouse
– Add a template for credential using rest API
– Add local documentation, to access the OpenSpace3D documentation even while offline
– Update material editor to allow to change light direction in the preview with a right click
– Update Android export to retain the last export type used
– Improve V3DUI precision, allowing more precision to place UI elements
– Improve pixel density management for mobiles, to better scale UI relatively to screen size
– Disable material toolbar buttons on play
– Correction on object cloning using axis when coordinates window is open
– Correction to limit floating point numbers precision errors in some cases

Core / Scol:
– Prevent CPU burn when not needed, this limits the vm speed a bit
– Prevent exception on Android deployer tool, when the file is in use
– Prevent _tickcount overflow on VM
– Correct some issues in SO3engine on widget destroy
– Correct lib path for both Android before and after 9.0 using bundles
– Correct Camera orientation on Android
– Correct an issue in action / events list update in groups


1.81 – 07/31/2019
– Add “ODBC” plugIT to access any type of database on Windows
– Add “Hash” plugIT to hash passwords
– Add “Share” plugIT to trigger a share action on Android devices
– Add “Open file” plugIT to open a file with an external program
– Update “Custom Interface” plugIT with
  – hide/show actions on all types of elements
  – enable/disable actions for “Button” and “Text input” element types
  – password option for “Text input” element type
– Update interfaces plugITs with support for multitouch on tactile devices
– Improvements on “Local network” plugIT to increase performance and reliability of objects and physics synchronisation
– Correction on “AR marker” plugIT of a 90° rotation difference between standard marker and custom marker
– Correction on “Video” plugIT to match changes in Youtube’s API
– Corrections on “Table” plugIT and table type in “Custom Interface”
– Correction on “Var” plugIT when value is empty

– Add Android App bundle and Android Studio project exports
– Correction on actions and events grouping on plugITs

Core / Scol:
– Now adjust automatically the interface size according to the DPI of the device on Android
– Improve Ogre support for Neon on ARMv7 devices
– Optimizations on AR detection
– Optimisations on V3DUI
– Update to support Raspbian 10 Buster
– Correction on Raspberry Pi touch coordinates
– Minor correction on shadows


1.80 – 05/24/2019
– Minimize some sections by default on the biggest plugITs to highlight their essential features
– Add “Array” plugIT to store an array of variables
– Add “Split” plugIT to split a text parameter according to a separator
– Add “Table” plugIT to display a table interface
– Update “Custom interface” plugIT with
  – new “Slider” and “Table” element types
  – scroll options on “Frame” element type
  – font options for “Text” and “Button” element types
  – picture selection for “Button” element type
  – picture resize options
  – background picture/color selection
  – fixes for several small bugs
  – group events and action for each element
  – ability to delete the selected element by pressing the delete key
  – correction on Duplicate that now also duplicate children of the duplicated element
– Update “OpenVR controller” plugIT with:
  – support for VR trackers
  – offsets for controller objects
  – auto-click on ray distance (allowing to click by “touching” an object or interface with the VR controller)
  – show ray modes
  – other small corrections
– Update “SQLite” plugIT with an option to support UTF-8
– Update “Examine view” plugIT with an offset to move the rotation point away from the center of the camera
– Update plugITs using the standard interface positioning with events to move and resize the interface on runtime
– Correction on “Button” plugIT on touch and disappearing when disabled with the “Active + Hover + Down” state setting
– Correction on “Physic ray” plugIT position calculation
– Correction of “New log” event not working on “Statfile” plugIT
– Correction on “Vehicle” plugIT
– Correction on picture hidden event on “Picture” plugIT

– Import options are now saved between each import
– Android default export now produces an APK with all 4 architectures
– Add Android export for arm64-v8a and x86_64 archtectures
– Add keyboard control to navigate on interfaces plugIT
– Improve the behaviour of a splited picture on interface when result is smaller than the source picture
– Manage the import and conversion of several 3d files at once
– Optimisations on events
– Correction on IFC format import crash

Core / Scol:
– Huge improvements on the build system
– Complete revision of the Android build system, now using the latest Android NDK and Android Studio
– Add Android support for arm64-v8a and x86_64 archtectures
– Add support for Android TV
– Add bounding box update for skeletons
– Manage OpenGL ES on hydrax for it to work on Android
– Manage alignment of the VM for clang
– Update FFmpeg to 4.1.3
– Update OpenSSL to 1.1.1
– Update OpenVR
– Update Ogre3D
– Update Boost to 1.69
– Optimization on AR
– Correction on Hydrax
– Correction on material save crash
– Correction on multiple joypad destroy
– Disable camera automatic exposition on Android after a touch focus


1.71 – 12/21/2018
– Add “Custom Interface” plugIT to make fully configurable and more complex user interfaces and forms
– Add “Count down” plugIT to make and display a count down
– Add “Ambient color” plugIT to change the ambient color at runtime
– Update “OpenVR” plugIT to manage different teleport modes and more advanced physics on controllers
– Update “FPS navigation” plugIT to add a translate action used to teleport in some direction with collision check
– Update “Physic ray” plugIT to get the intersection position
– Update “Distance” plugIT to reset state after enable / disable
– Update “Physic hinge” plugIT to add an action to set limits on runtime
– Update “Light” plugIT to add on / off events
– Update “Input mixer” plugIT to add a reset action
– Update “Object position” plugIT to add a reset action to reset the object on it’s initial position
– Update “GPS location” plugIT to add an action to change the location at runtime
– Correction on “Video” plugIT not playing when the play action is done while the video loading

– Add some templates for VR ergonomy
– Add some projects statistics on load (number of plugIts and links)
– Update Physics body settings and allow to add an offet on the body
– Correction on key up event not triggered in player when no HUD used
– Correction on material edition not detecting the material change with vertex color option

Core / Scol:
– Manage video timeout when it’s possible
– Manage Windows default audio device change and update at runtime
– Manage hierachy update on physics bodies with parents / sons, specially with bones
– Manage an offset position and orientation on physics bodies
– Improve particles so now stopping particles just stop the emitter
– Improve AR features Detection / Tracking with large camera frame
– Optimize a bit volumetric lights rendering
– Correction on potential crash with shadows and animated textures


1.70 – 11/02/2018
– Add “Input mixer” plugIT to combine the output of several other plugITs
– Add “GPS location” plugIT to get GPS coordinates of the device or set the GPS position of an object
– Update “AR capture” plugIT with automatic size and mobile flash options (11137)
– Update “Openvr controller” plugIT to provide XY touch position on “Left/right controller touch pad” event and allow to grab an object with 2 controllers
– Update Dialog plugITs to automatically switch to VR mode when VR is enabled
– Update “FPS like controller” plugIT with “Rotate view” action
– Update “Measure” plugIT to add “Constant size on screen” options and to allow to cancel with a right click anywhere
– Update “object move to” plugIT to add “Set speed” action
– Update interface plugITs :
– Add parameter for max “Constant size on screen” distance on 3D interfaces
– Adjustments on text margins to have more compact interfaces
– Adjustments on 3D interfaces size in VR
– Correction on 3D interfaces maximum autoscale method
– Correction of visibility and blinking problems on “Label” and “Label List” plugIT
– Correction on “Dialog” plugIT automatic size calculation

– Add several templates to display a 360° image or video in 3D
– Add a basic AR template and another to learn a new AR marker on the fly
– Add two basic database template to save a score and make a leaderboard
– Add the “vr_controller” template that provides basic VR features with generic controllers
– Add the “mouse3d” template to make a cursor in the 3D world
– Add a SQLite exemple and three VR exemples
– Add the ability to switch between World and Local referentials for the Move/Rotate/Scale tools
– Update the Move/Rotate/Scale tools to allow more precise control for both on-screen and VR manipulation
– Change the Rotate tool for more intuitive controls
– Manage export and package for very big files (11139)
– Allow OpenSpace3D packages (.pkos) to be loaded outside of a Scol partition
– Allow to drag Scene node to move every object in the scene to another node
– Allow to reset all sub materials at once (11215)

Core / Scol:
– Add GPS data for Android (11155)
– Add flash / torchlight support for Android and iOS(11163)
– Improve Android camera permission management (11159)
– Improve support of very big files (11141)
– Manage camera orientation in iOS (11170)
– Optimizations on points cloud meshes (11188)
– Optimizations on video player (11177, 11181, 11233)
– Corrections on text size calculation and alignment
– Correction on imported Collada and 3DS materials (11190)
– Correction on potential crashes (11172)


1.60 – 07/27/2018
– Add “SQLite” plugIT allowing to manage database files using SQL requests
– Add “Telnet client” plugIT to connect to simple TCP server
– Add “Telnet server” plugIT to create a TCP server than can handle classic messages from external apps
– Add “real-time graph” plugIT allowing to display several input values, it can be used for neuronal interfaces or sensors
– Add “Emotiv” plugIT to manage emotiv neuronal interfaces (insight, epoc)
– Add “Signal” plugIT to generate wave forms and output the value
– Update “Measure” plugIT to add a mesure with an action
– Update “Material color” plugIT to allow to set the alpha value in RGB actions
– Update “Joypad” plugIT to add up, down, left, right events for dpad
– Update “Physic radar” plugIT ignore source body, and correct ray filter
– Update “AR marker” plugIT to allow to choose the coordinates space
– Update “Walkthrough” plugIT to manage stairs like the FPS like plugIT
– Update “Button” plugIT with UI fonts and use the default button resource when not set
– Update “Object click” plugIT with UI fonts
– Update “OpenVR” plugIT to add an option to enable physics on controllers
– Update “Scene loader” plugIT to allow downloading from an URL and add an option to disable the drag and drop
– Update all dialog plugITs to add position settings
– Correction on “Local network” plugIT on udp not connecting correctly
– Remove “Oculus” plugIT, you should use OpenVR instead
– Several minor correction

– Add export for Windows 32 and Windows 64
– Manage global var plugIT to be used directly in link parameters using %varname%
– Manage default var in links parameters %Time% %TimeGmt% %Date% %DateTime% %DateTimeGmt% %TimeStamp% %DateString% %Language% %Random%
– Allow to use Scol code in links parameters inside a [code]…[/code] tag ex: [code]if $1 > 10 then itoa ($1 + 10) else “ko”[/code].
– When exporting an app to a platform, only used scol plugins are enabled to optimize the app loading time
– Object fit view now manage the object visible faces bounding box without the pivot point to be more useful
– Correction on material editor behavior with scene shadows settings

Core / Scol:
– All built using VS2015 on Windows
– Update web navigator using Cef3
– Port Windows code to manage Windows x64 version
– Add emotiv plugin to manage emotiv neuronal interfaces
– Add some bitmaps drawing functions in BitmapTookit to optimize drawing
– Add an API to manage basic TCP server
– Manage camera and window orientation on IOS
– Correction on Linux / OSX keyboard
– Several minor corrections


1.50 – 04/05/2018
– Add “Local network” plugIT allowing to synchronize objects and send messages between multiple applications or instances of a same application through TCP or UDP protocol
– Add “Render event” plugIT that sends an events on each pre-render and/or post-render frame
– Add “ChatGUI” plugIT a chat with the new V3DUI interface system
– Update “OpenVR” plugIT with laser pointer on the controller to interract with the world, teleportation, better physics, better navigation, actions to enable / disable controllers. Only shows one eye on screen.
– Update “FPS Navigation” with physics optimizationsand stairs detection and climb optimizations. In VR, uses physics to move and can show your physic body position
– Update “Neurosky” plugIT, now compatible with the Mindwave Mobile Headset and can detect blinking
– Update “Sound” and “3D Sound” plugITs with configurable time events and “Playing”, “Paused” and “Ended” events
– Update “Measure”, “Label” and “Label List” plugITs with “Maximum distance visibility” option and maximum scale factor when “Constant size on screen” is enabled. Add “always show on top” to “Measure” plugIT
– Update “Picture” plugIT to get the pixel position of the picture.
– Update “Vehicule” plugIT with an automatic reverse gear
– Update “Login” plugIT with V3DUI interface
– Update “Menu” plugIT to allow to change the order of menus with drag-and-drop
– Update “Shadows” plugIT to allow to set the far distance for shadows
– Update “Operator” PlugIT with tan, acos and atan operations
– Update “Object handler” plugIT to use global coordinates when setting coordinates with the interface
– Correction on “Connect” plugIT on application ID generation
– Correction on “Dialog text input” where OK button was empty in the player
– Correction on interface PlugITs, texture quality is now functional
– Several minor correction

– Add “viewer_generic” template and VR versions of the viewer templates
– Add LISPSM shadow method
– Add homogenous scale option at the center of the scale widget
– Add virtual keyboard to enter text in VR
– Update network demo with the new “ChatGUI” plugIT
– Correction on material creation and resources reload
– Correction on plugITs parameters on XOS import
– Correction on scale widget

Core / Scol:
– Add pointer and raycast functions for vr
– Add LIPSSM shadows, a lighter implementation of shadows
– Manage shadows attenuation on all platforms
– Manage async TCP connection in Scol VM
– Manage rotation from sensors on IOS
– Manage volumetric lights on opengles devices
– Update Neurosky SDK (windows only)
– Update OpenVR SDK to 1.0.13
– Update on SSAO to manage higher render queue
– Update on screenshots to disable stereo
– Optimizations on bitmap manipulations
– Optimizations on CSM shadows
– Correction on CG shaders
– Correction on fog shaders rendering
– Correction on physic bodies scale
– Correction on widgets and SSAO
– Corrections on sockets in Scol VM
– Correction on videos not playing on IOS
– Optimization on 2d operations
– Optimization on camera frame grab / display
– Optimizations for IOS
– Several minor corrections


1.40 – 12/20/2017
– Add “3dRudder” plugIT for 3dRudder support
– Add “Dialog”, “Dialog list” and “Dialog number” plugIT, dialog boxes of various types
– Add “Menu” plugIT to display a customized menu
– Add “Label” and “Label list” plugIT to display annotation in the 3D world.
– Add “Scene tree” plugIT to display the list of object in the scene and select them
– Add “Slice plane” plugIT
– Add “Measure” plugIT to measure distances and angles
– Add “Object handler” plugIT to manipulate objects with a gizmo like in the editor
– Add “Light direction” plugIT to orientate a light relatively to the current view with the mouse
– Add “Material list” and “Multi material list” to assign a list of material to an object or several objects and switch between them
– Add “XML reader” plugIT to get informations from an XML file according to a reference file
– Add “Object info” plugIT to get bounding box info, vertex count and polygon count
– Add “Shadows” plugIT
– Add “SSAO” plugIT
– Update “Switch” plugIT to trigger the event on position change
– Update “Walkthrough” plugIT to allow to set the camera height
– Update “AR capture” and “AR marker” plugIT
– Update “Sky” plugIT with an interface to change the date settings in the player
– Update “Sequence” and “Output dispatcher” plugIT with loop option
– Update “Operator” plugIT to allow larger values
– Update “Material point size” plugIT with a user interface
– Update “Sequential input” by removing error count when errors are allowed
– Correction on “Object track” plugIT sending the key first and last key event twice in loop mode
– Correction on weight on “Animation switcher” plugIT
– Correction on “Examine view” plugIT inertia and wobble
– Correction on navigation plugITs
– Correction on “gpio servo” plugIT on time issue

– Add language selection in the project settings for the player and exported application
– Add “viewer_archeo” template developped for the “Consortium 3D SHS de la TGIR Huma-Num”
– Add “3dRudder” demo
– Update “FPSDemo” to support 3dRudder
– Correction of a color inversion in the color selector for plugIT

Core / Scol:
– Update 3D engine to Ogre 1.10.10
– Update Android API from 14 to 19 : Android versions prior to Android 4.4 KitKat are no longer supported
– Added support for Android keyboard
– Optimization on mouve move
– Optimization on augmented reality camera buffer
– Changes on text size and wrap calculation
– Correction on GLES shaders
– Corrections on HDR and SSAO for AMD graphic cards
– Correction on Android resize and menu hiding
– Correction on mouse simulation in Android
– Correction on bitmap widget
– correction on reflection maps
– Several minor correction


1.30 – 07/28/2017
– Add “OpenVR controller” plugIT for VR headsets support (OpenGL only)
– Add “Bounding box” plugIT to show the bounding box of an object
– Add “Physics ray impulse” pluIT to manage gun shoot
– Add “Physics impulse point” to manage force fields and explosions
– Add “Material point size” plugIT
– Update “FPS controller” plugIT to manage VR control, use forces to move
– Update “Screenshot” plugIT to take screenshot with transparent background and with higher resolution than the screen
– Update “Mouse” plugIT to return the object it hovers over
– Update “Physics tools” plugIT add gravity state
– Update “Advanced raycast” plugIT to allow for several modes
– Update “Examine view” plugIT to manage orthographic view and show unit scale
– Update “Orientation sensor” plugIT to manage offset
– Update “AR marker” plugIT
– Correction of several minor bug

– Add material editor
– Add points cloud support
– Add assets for 360 camera
– Add “VR shooting gallery”, “architecture” and “materials” demos
– Add body type preview when editing the physics settings of an object
– Update the import tool with a lot of import options
– Updates on several demos
– Changes in the behavior of the default light, now manageable in the scene tree
– Optimizations on scene load for meshes with a large number of subentities
– Correction on audio affecting FPS when no sound device connected
– Minor bug corrections
– Online documentation updated

Core / Scol:
– Update 3D engine to Ogre 1.10.7
– Add OpenURL for MacOS / iOS / Linux
– Shader generation on material load
– Optimizations for big meshes
– Optimizations on shadows and SSAO
– Optimizations on Advanced raycast
– Changes on physics update
– Change default renderer to OpenGL on Windows
– Changes to support the stereo on HTC Vive
– Corrections on shadows
– Correction on fullscreen with scaled monitor on windows


1.22 – 03/15/2017
– Add support for dailymotion url in video plugIT
– Modify the Var plugITs to manage multiple values in parameters
– Add magnitude event on Magnet sensor
– Correction on chrono plugIT with undefined values
– Correction on FPS plugIT on climb physics materials

– Corrections on french language
– App export now add a directory per architecture (Linux, RPI, Android)
– Add new assets for HUD (button, text zone)
– Add some new material colors in assets
– Minor bugs corrections

Core / Scol:
– Add support for Gamepad on Linux / OSX / IOS
– Add support for Sensors on Linux / OSX / IOS
– Correction on Video sound on Apple devices
– Correction on stereo camera matrix in SO3Engine
– Prevent material regeneration on scene light priority change on GLES devices
– Better Buoyancy forces management in physics
– Correction on IOS camera permission locking the app
– Possible crash correction on serial over bluetooth on Android


1.21 – 12/19/2016
– Add Raspberry PI motor driver plugIT
– Add Sound volume plugIT
– Add Random value plugIT
– Add marker preview in 3D view in AR marker plugIT
– Update on Raspberry PI ultrasound sensor plugIT
– Update several plugITs to add events triggered on actions
– Update video plugIT to add a show on start option
– Correction on FPS control plugIT
– Correction on Physic mouse plugIT

– Files defined in link parameters are now added to the group resources
– File selection is now available in link parameters when a plugIT action can use a file
– Update network demo to play videos
– Update FPS demo
– Updated russian language (Thanks again el_motoblock)
– Correction on default player window size
– Ready for IOS export coming next

Core / Scol:
– Serial over bluetooth is now available on Android to control devices like Arduino with the Serial plugIT
– Update Raspberry PI camera driver with last version (RGB inversion)
– Correction on Android camera orientation on some devices
– Correction on 3D engine shadow bias
– Correction on 3D engine texture update on OpenglES
– Correction on Kernel MMechostr that could make overflow
– Correction on Video decoding
– Correction on AR marker mutex
– Correction on QWERTY / AZERTY issue on Linux / OSX / Raspberry pi
– Correction on Kernel message loop


1.20 – 11/03/2016
– Add Raspberry PI system command plugIT

– Add Raspberry PI SR04 ultrasound sensor plugIT

– Add Raspberry PI PCA9685 16 Channel PWM Servo motor plugIT

– Add Maths “Map value” to map a value between a min and max

– Update FPS plugIT to allow the player to react to the physics environment

– Update “ARcapture” with an event when the camera is connected

– Update Maths “Operator” to allow to invert values on operations (between the value in the plugit and the link parameter)

– Correction on several plugITs

– Add OSX export

– Add an option in module editors to disable menu sorting (for huge project it can be too slow)

– Add Android version on export for better compatibilty with Google Play

– Manage Android screen orientation on export

– Correct asset library materials

Core / Scol:
– update Linux 32/64 support

– update Raspberry PI support

– update Android support

– Add a splash screen once the app launch on Android

– Manage Ar front camera and camera with screen orientation

– Correction on Keymaps for Linux / RPI / OSX

– Add I2C api in RpiGPIO plugin

– Change a bit the Lib2DOS look and feel to match better with Windows 10

– Main scol VM have now it’s own thread independently of the main/UI thread


1.15 – 08/05/2016
– Add Raspberry PI plugITs to control GPIO

– Update “Animation switcher” with an option to wait the end of the current animation before switch

– Update “3D gallery” and make it compatible with Android

– Update “Area” to correct show / hide delay

– Update “Button” to correct show / hide delay

– Update “Physic slider” to correct the initial motor state

– Update “Motion detect”

– Correction on several plugITs

– .scol file is now generated on project save

– Export window now reflect the multi-platform feature

– PlugIts Actions/Events are now listed in alphabetical order

Core / Scol:
– add Linux 32/64 support

– add Raspberry PI support

– Add RpiGPIO plugin

– Rewrite Serial IO for multi platform

– Rewrite shadows shaders to use a more simple pixel format

– Better support of Orientation sensor on Android, by adding bias calculation on gyroscope

– Correction on manual textures on OpenGL ES2

– Correction on Android camera framerate for some devices

– Change Android key file generation expiration date to make it compatible with “Google play”

– add files functions in kernel : _listoffiles2 _listofsubdir2 _storepack2 for case sensivity functions

– add zip functions in kernel : _CRzipArchive, _DSzipArchive, _ADDzipArchiveFile, _WRITEzipArchive to make zip files.


1.10 – 04/25/2016
– Add “Ambient sound effect” plugIT

– Update “Sound” and “3D sound” plugITs : enable ambient effects and networks streams

– Update “Video plugIT” : manage common video file formats, URL and Youtube content with 3D sound. Now compatible with Android

– Update “AR marker” : add options to get current detected marker and apply to texture

– Update “AR capture” : add option to enable focus on touch for mobiles

– Update “Object track” : correction on local positions, add events on keys positions

– Update “Object moveto” : correction on local positions

– Update “Stereo” : automatic downsample render size depending of the current FPS

– Update “Screenshot” : add support for %Pictures% in path and enable Android support

– Update “Youtube” : no set as deprecated, it’s replaced by “Video” plugIT

– Correction on several plugITs

– “Open in player” button in standalone version now works properly

– Add demos for Augmented Reality

– correction on links removed when a plugit is not loaded

Core / Scol:
– Auto hide navigation bar on Android when fullscreen is enable

– Add FFMPEG functions in BitmapToolkit for video and audio stream

– Add ARtoolkit in BitmapToolkit with NFT tracker

– Manage audio buffers in Audio plugin

– Optims / Corrections

– All rebuilt with Visual 2013 on windows


1.9.5 – 01/02/2016
– Add “Magnet sensor” with a “Cardboard trigger” event

– Add “Text zone” for interfaces with several text zones

– Add “advanced raycast” (allow to disable pixel mouse raycast for optims when not needed)

– Add “Blob detection” from AR Camera

– Add Maths “Warper” to warp coords from blobs for example to screen coords

– Update AR marker (add revet Z and Y option)

– Update “set active camera” to add actions to set parameters

– Update “Button” to allow multi line text

– Update “FPS control”

– Update “Physic hinge”

– Update “Sensor” plugITs with Supported / Unsupported events

– Correction on several plugITs

– Update OS3D logos

– Add export option for Android achitecture

– Add uniform scale ratio in scale interface

– Optims on links execution

– Disable web export (deprecated)

Core / Scol:
– Add X86 export for Android

– Manage external shaders for OpenglES

– Support Overlay transparency on OpenglES

– Downsample 3D resolution on Android devices

– Manage keyboard, mouse and joypad on Android

– Correction on timer resources

– Optims on main loops to avoid 100% CPU on Android

Easy Ogre Exporter for 3DSMAX
– add GLSLES shader generation

– support of composite texture type (one layer with one mask – and only when shader 3 lights is selected – CG and GLSLES). This allow to use a mask texture for reflection, normal, spec, illumination …

– manage UV Offset and rotation animation from material texture (get the speed and direction from the last track time)
– manage uv animation in shaders

– support FOG in shaders

– illumination texture added for basic Mat


1.9.1 – 21/10/2015
– Add accelerometer plugITs (For Android)

– Add light sensor plugITs (For Android)

– Add proximity sensor plugITs (For Android)

– Add vibrator (rumble) plugITs (For Android)

– Correction on several plugITs


1.9.0 – 08/06/2015
– manage multitouch on several plugITs

– add orientation sensor plugIT

– correction on several plugITs

– add Russian support (contributor : el_motoblock)

– add Italian support (contributor : David Pesarin Brocato)

– add Android export feature

– add Loft 3D demo (contributor Irvin Thomas)

– updated several demos with Android support or specific version

Core / Scol:
– Android support

– Optims on webcam and Augmented Reality

– Update 3D engine to Ogre 1.10

– Update physic engine to last Newton version


1.8.5 – 03/09/2015
– add tobii EyeX plugIT

– add Mail plugIT

– better support of Oculus DK2

– correction on FPS navigation plugIT

– and more corrections on others

– add multi language support

– add french language

– add Tobii EyeX demo

– updated other demos

– better axis selection

– add $0 link param keyword for all param content

– correction on plugits getting material resources from another group

Core / Scol:
– Better performances on 3D engine

– Tobii EyeX support

– SO3Engine is more stable


1.8.1 – 12/23/2014

– update Oculus plugit to support DK2

– update Myo plugit with new gesture name

– and more corrections on others

– add buoyancy forces / physics fluid volumes

– correction on plugits getting material resources from another group

Core / Scol:
– update Oculus library to support DK2

– update MYO to latest SDK

– update Leap Motion to latest SDK


1.8.0 – 11/24/2014
– add physic mouse plugIT (to grab physic objects)

– add physic radar plugIT

– add Object track plugIt

– add Reload plugIT

– add Interval event plugIT

– add render water plugIT to dynamically set environment settings

– add render sky plugIT to dynamically set environment settings

– add multitouch plugIT

– update Leap Motion plugIT (manage VR mode, skinned hand with physics, grab action …)

– update FPS navigation (now manage walk sound, physic materials, slide, climb…)

– update Walkthrough plugIT

– update Examine view plugIT to allow Oculus head tracking

– update Button plugIT to allow animated buttons

– update Myo plugIt (now manage several myo instances)

– update Fullscreen plugIT to allow full sized window

– update Viewport plugIT to allow external window on several screens

– update Distance plugIT to show a gizmo of the distance in editor

– update physic tools plugIt

– and more corrections on others

– add FPS demo

– add Solar system VR demo

– add Animated button example

– add selection of resources in plugITs by mouse click in 3D view

– add gizmo visualiation on some plugITs

– add export feature to local web page

– add LOD generation on mesh settings

– add curved links visualization option

– update physic settings

– remove group resource limitation in plugITs resources

Core / Scol:

– add PDF plugin to generate PDF files

– correction on Joypad hot plug

– better HDR parameters

– optimizations on shadows

– update physic engine to Newton 3

– update assimp SDK it now support blender lastest format

– update Myo SDK

– update Leap motion SDK

– update flash OCX for embeded Flash content


1.7 – 07/08/2014
– Import standard 3D formats (DAE, FBX, 3DS, OBJ…)

– 3D Engine updated to Ogre 1.9

– Myo armband support (alpha)

– Leap Motion support with skeletal tracking

– XOS files are now packed

– all the application ressources are now packed in one file when exporting to the Web

– added volumetric lights shaft

– better HDR tonemapping

– add domotics plugITs in release version (X10 and USBUIRT)

– add AR face tracker (alpha)

– add simple avatar plugIT for network applications

– add delayed event plugIT

– add sequential input plugIT

– add scene converter plugIT

– add scene loader plugIT

– update ARcapture plugIT with dynamic camera selection

– update Serial plugIT

– update Area plugIT

– update operator plugIT

– update Kinect pack

– correction on config file plugIT


1.6.4 – 03/02/2014
– new leap boxing mini game demo

– better leap motion support

– new examples and demos for leap motion and kinect

– correction on some plugITs

– rewrite a major part of the Scol VM

– update documentation

– more robust with a lot of corrections and tests.


1.6.3 – 12/18/2013
– maintenance release

– correction on possible install error “AXscol.dll”

– better main loop implementation on Scol Voyager

– more precise timers

– added Grab / ungrab event on Leap Motion

– correction on underWater rendering

– manage oculus with AR capture for a webcam linked on the Oculus Rift for Augmented Reality

– corrections on plugITs using a capture device

– more stable


1.6.2 – 11/26/2013
– new Oculus demo

– support of LeapMotion

– added user RGB picture for Kinect

– some corrections and improvement


1.6.1 – 10/28/2013
– new industrial demo

– add Oculus plugIT

– add VRPN client plugIT for VR system

– add TUIO plugIT for multi touch system

– add undo / redo fonctions on 3D scene edition

– manage physic bodies on dummies

– add a concave physic shape for complex meshes

– update instantiate plugIT

– improve water and under water rendering

– improve Quad buffer rendering to allow effects and shadows

– improve shadows

– improve HDR effect

– improve navigation plugITs, add a crouch system on FPS plugIT and manage head tracking control and fly mode

– improve stereo modes, allow compositor effects and shadows

– better kinect support, add head tracking event, and use the Microsoft SDK with openNI2

– better support on multi screens

– optimize rendering loop

– optimize webcams / AR

– update Web navigator interfaces

– correction on speech / recognition

– huge optimizations and bugs fix


1.5.0 – 04/17/2013
– Add physic vehicle plugIT

– Add physic contrains plugITs (ball and socket, hinge and slider)

– Add Interface Area plugIT

– Add a fade transition on some Interface plugITs

– Add animation switcher plugIT

– Add PDF plugIT

– Add cancel operation on right click when moving an object

– Add SSAO and HDR rendering effects

– Add high level shadows (PSSM and CSM) for directional light

– Add QuadBuffer stereo support

– Change the rendering setting interface

– Updated augmented reality plugITs

– Updated documentation

– Lots of bug fixes and huge optimizations on projects loader


1.1.0 – 07/30/2012
– Add orthographic views in 3d editor

– Add zoom levels in plugITs editor

– Add preview button on compositior selector

– Add button plugIT

– Add task icon plugIT

– Add offset on 2D overlayed plugITs

– Add video plugIT

– Correction on X Y inversion on several orientation plugITs

– Manage mutiple root bones on skeleton

– Animations now update the physic body position

– New html interface example

– Better Augmented Reality marker detection

– Updated documentation

– Lots of bug fixes and optimizations


1.0.0 – 03/23/2012

– Major change : The main OpenSpace3D partition for your projects is now in your “My documents/OpenSpace3D” directory

– Add Environment settings with Sky and Water

– Add Web navigator interfaces

– Add Featured markers support for augmented reality

– Add loading screen

– Add Moho plugIT to manage Moho file formats for synchronize visemes with sounds

– Add Vuzix HMD support with head traking

– Add Side by Side and Top / Bottom stereo modes

– Update lipsync plugIT for an easier configuration

– Update Speech plugIT to get Preston Blair Visemes format

– Update chat plugIT with web interface

– Update many other plugITs …

– Change some helpers icon

– Update online documentation

– Lots of bug fixes and optimizations


0.2.6 – 09/23/2011

– Add Cinematics editor for animations sequences

– Add Motion detection plugIT

– Add Capture plugIT

– Add Picture plugIT

– Update Speech / Reco plugITs

– Update Youtube plugIT

– Add a menu to change a mesh material from the tree

– Better support of particle scripts

– Manage group clone

– Update DirectX version

– Demos and examples are now installed in “My Documents” Scol partition

– Optimizations on links draw

– Object Click plugIT now use bitmaps instead of heavy flash control for tooltips

– Update online documentation

– Corrections for Low graphics cards like Intel GMA

– lots of optimizations and debugs


0.2.5 – 05/12/2011

– Add kinect plugIts (in available in kinect pack)

– Add colors for plugIT’s category (thank’s to Greg for this idea)

– Add the possibility to show only the selected links

– Add sound pitch control

– Add lip sync PlugIt

– Add capture plugIT for video inputs

– Add ARcapture for video input with augmented reality detection

– Add ARmarker for augmented reality

– Add Input tunnel plugIT for links relay even in instantiate instance

– Update speech plugIT

– Project upload now generate an html page instead of a php one

– Update Move to plugIT

– Update Examin view plugIT

– Update Object control plugIT

– Update sound plugIT’s

– New examples

– some optimizations and debugs


0.2.4 – 03/22/2011

– Add “Launch in player” button on general interface

– Add “Project setting” button on general interface for project description and author

– Add Shift + C shortcut to create a camera from the current view

– Add Tab shortcut to switch between the different edit method (PRS)

– Add default compositor ressources

– Add reflection map object

– Add dynamic cube map object

– Update Youtube plugIT for a simple way to play youtube videos in 3D

– Update Texture text plugIT

– Update “Walkthrough” Navigation plugIT

– Add RSS reader plugIT

– Add an “FPS like” Navigation plugIT

– Add “move to” plugIT

– Add “rotate to” plugIT

– Add “config File” plugIT

– Add “texture shift” plugIT

– Add “add vector” plugIT

– Add “capture” plugIT

– Add “instantiate” plugIT

– Add “random vector” plugIT

– Update object plugITs with getting position/rotation by object selection

– Update “physic tools” plugIT

– Update “mouse” plugIT

– Update “object control” plugIT

– Fix math plugITs

– Better current camera usage in plugITs editor

– Show missed plugIT in red (for plugITs developers)

– XOS project loader optimization

– Links method optimization

– Links loop detection

– Physics optimization

– Mouse Ray cast optimization

– secure load method on Editor and Player, test if current version is compatible with the current scol voyager

– some debug and code clean


0.2.3 – 07/28/2010

– Add export to stand alone application

– Manage alias on objects and groups

– add visibility distance on objects setting

– update viewport plugIT

– update wii tools plugIT

– update material color plugIT

– update texture text plugIT

– update change texture plugIT

– update object position plugIT

– add change material plugIT

– correction on node animation import

– correction on setup path detection


0.2.2 – 06/22/2010

– Manage particle scripts

– Manage NeuroSky headset

– Manage speech recognition and text to speech (SAPI)

– Manage material scheme

– Add Serial plugIT

– Add NeuroSky plugIT

– Add Setvec plugIT

– Add Joypad plugIT

– Add Particle plugIT

– Add Text to Speech plugIT

– Add Voice recognition plugIT

– Add material scheme plugIT

– Editor interfaces are now resizable

– objects index are now at the end of the object name

– Add Save / Save As buttons on main toolbar

– Add Wire render mode

– Add Multi selection on plugITs using drag select methode

– Add a controler toolbar to test animations and particles in setup interface

– A lot of optimizations and debug


0.2.1 – 05/07/2010

– Complete Web browser integration

– Drag and Drop of mesh, ogre scene or openspace3d scene file in 3D view

– Add Mouse plugIT to control mouse

– Add plugIT switch case

– Rename wiimote plugIT to Wii tools since it manage balance board

– Add LISPSM camera mode for shadow texture

– Correction on sky material

– Scene loader optimization


0.2.0 – 04/03/2010

– Rename “refresh” plugITs menu to “Reload”

– Add Ctrl + A to select all plugITs

– Add maths Operator plugIT

– Add Animation transition plugIT

– Add plugIT description in instance interface

– Add a clear logs button on interface

– PlugITs menus are now sorted

– Links params have now the priority on the event param

– Bones from skeleton are now editable

– Compositor shaders from resources

– Update Animtaion plugIT with several enhancement

– Rename vector order plugIT to vector permutation

– Rename basic navigation plugIT to walkthrough

– Rename viewer navigation plugIT to examine view

– update examine view plugIT added inertia value and camera properties

– update Counter plugIT add the Begin event for decremental count

– update flash interface PlugIT to select the texture unit

– update distance plugIT to add the possibility to detect the distance between two objects

– update the keyboard plugIT to disable the key repeat on key down

– …


0.1.9 – 03/04/2010

– add menu on object right click

– add popup on xos import to ask for importing environment params

– update object physics body on scale

– add escape key to close dialog windows if there is no internal focus

– add bubble on round links to show the links

– add links highlighting on plugIT selection

– optimize files to upload on web export

– change XML plugIT definition

– add params enum for action in PlugIT XML

– add current filename in window title

– add multi selection on plugITs

– add copy / paste selected plugITs (Ctrl + C, Ctrl + V)

– update full screen plugIT with resolution params

– update stereo plugIT with params and mode

– add getvec maths plugIT to get a vector element

– update rotate plugIT with pitch yaw roll action to change dynamicaly the rotate value

– change the plugITs load method to test a plugIT validity

– dynamic plugIT update

– add refresh plugITs menu in groups tab

– add copy and paste selected plugITs menu on right click in plugITs tab

– test version available and on editor launch

– add splash screen on loading

– update flash plugIT add mouse/keyboard enable


0.1.4 – 06/19/2009
– added missing index on import single mesh
– added scene fog editor
– adjust helpers meshes for better selection on click
– added volume setting in sound plugIT
– added infos on 3d with toolbar button
– animations rate frame skipping on low fps
– rotate rate frame skipping on low fps in rotate function
– possibility to disable auto fit on object select
– added sky editor
– added skeleton and morph animations support
– new call url plugIT
– new if plugIT
– new On init plugIT
– new Dialog box plugIT
– new close plugIT
– new Youtube plugIT
– new Counter plugIT
– new Var plugIT
– new MatColor plugIT
– new Switch plugIT
– sort plugIts menu by categories
– Show the plugIT editor window when adding a new plugIT
– rename Object link plugIT to Object click
– update Basic navigation plugIT with angle position and camera fov
– new Get camera plugIT
– new Get object plugIT
– new Object link plugIT
– new viewer_navigation plugIT
– added .scene import wizard (blender compatible)
– set the v3dlib default fps to 60
– added some functions in G2Dlib for lists
– resolved draw links bug when close a group tab
– resolved plugin load boolean set to 0 on initscene
– added import skeleton if available in import mesh
– change the plugITs load methode
– Added Application publication to a web applet with automatic ftp upload
– update of the plugITs resource selector
– some debug


0.1.8 – 02/03/2010

– Clone a node in scene tree

– Clone object on axis click with shift key

– Add help button for coming online help

– Add about button for about interface

– Add button to activate plugITs links debug

– Add mesh import wizard

– new maths plugITs for vector manipulation

– new Input / Output plugITs for sequential links

– new Stereo and Fullscreen plugITs

– new Keyboard plugIT

– new physics PlugITs

– update wiimote plugIT

– …



– Rename plugIT

– Configuration file for user preference and window position

– Bubble on plugIT to show the plugIT type

– Alert to save the current scene on close



– added group import and export function

– debug links and instances loader on xos import

– added physics support on meshes and scene setting

– sort plugIts directories

– new Flash Interface plugIT

– new Change texture plugIT from file or url

– correction of several ergonomy issues

– better skeleton and morph animation support


0.1.4a – 06/19/2009

– added missing index on import single mesh

– added scene fog editor

– adjust helpers meshes for better selection on click

– added volume setting in sound plugIT

– added infos on 3d with toolbar button

– animations rate frame skipping on low fps

– rotate rate frame skipping on low fps in rotate function

– possibility to disable auto fit on object select

– added sky editor

– added skeleton and morph animations support

– new call url plugIT

– new if plugIT

– new On init plugIT

– new Dialog box plugIT

– new close plugIT

– new Youtube plugIT

– new Counter plugIT

– new Var plugIT

– new MatColor plugIT

– new Switch plugIT

– sort plugIts menu by categories

– Show the plugIT editor window when adding a new plugIT

– rename Object link plugIT to Object click

– update Basic navigation plugIT with angle position and camera fov

– new Get camera plugIT

– new Get object plugIT

– new Object link plugIT

– new viewer_navigation plugIT

– added .scene import wizard (blender compatible)

– set the v3dlib default fps to 60

– added some functions in G2Dlib for lists

– resolved draw links bug when close a group tab

– resolved plugin load boolean set to 0 on initscene

– added import skeleton if available in import mesh

– change the plugITs load methode

– Added Application publication to a web applet with automatic ftp upload

– update of the plugITs resource selector


0.1.3a – 05/04/2009
– improve axis ergonomy

– add helpers icons for camera / nodes / lights

– add the grid and helpers show / hide buttons on 3d toolbar

– adjust the default light setting


0.1.2a – 04/27/2009

– add scol version verification on start and install

– update .scol with loader

– correction of anims import on scale keys

– add test of the presence of flash player activeX in flash function