Object PlugITs content page

Object PlugITs allow you to interact with the scene objects.


Manage an animation

Animation lipsync

Automatic pose transition depending of visemes provided

Animation switcher

Switch animations with transition

Animation transition

Object animation transition between two animations with a specified speed

Bounding box

Show / hide the bounding box of an object


Object distance in / out events

Get camera

Get the current camera name

Get object

Get the complete object name


Hide / Show an object


Manage lights

Object 2D position

Set the position of a 3D object on screen with 2D coordinates

Object click

Object / material link with cursor and click events

Object control

Control an object position / orientation

Object follow

Follow an object without link

Object goto

Translation between two objects reference to a static position with back method

Object handler

Enable the transformation tools to move an object

Object info

Gets informations on an object

Object link

Link an object to a new parent

Object manipulate

Manipulate an object

Object move to

Translation between two objects reference

Object position

Set an object position / orientation

Object track

Animated translation between several position with rotation and scale


Manage a particle system

Pose animation blender

Pose animation blender


Rotate an object

Rotate to

Rotate an object to a defined angle

Set active camera

Change the active camera


Target an objet to another direction