Misc PlugITs

Misc PlugITs allow to get device datas (mouse, keyboard, WiiMote...) and to use them in Openspace3D.

ActiveX message

Manage ActiveX messages between the host web page and OpenSpace3D


AddSourceCode plugIT


Stock and manage an array

Call url

Call an url with parameters and get the response


Define a chronometer


Close the program or instance in case of instantiate plugIT

Config file

Manage an XML config file


Define a countdown


Trigger an event when the defined count value is reached

Debug console

Show the Scol debug console and traces

Delayed event

Delay an event, when several events are triggered, this will send only the last event on a determined interval

Dialog box

Show a dialog box with message in parameter


Exec an external program from the scol voyager ext.ini

Global var

Stock a value in global using a variable name


Hashes a value


Compare two values (if logic)

Input dispatcher

Enable the selected input depending of the position

Input mixer

Allows to create a formated output from several inputs

Input relay

Relay an input to the same output number

Input tunnel

Relay inputs to all the tunnel instances with the same name


Instantiate an XOS project

Interval event

Delay an event to synchronize with a defined interval, when several events are triggered, this will send only the last event

Learning Machine

Learning Machine


Send an email

Main window

Manage main window setting

Multi output

Send all output in order

On init

Launch an event when the whole application is loaded

Open file

Open an file on system

Open url

Open an url using your default internet browser

Output dispatcher

Send selected output depend of the position

Random output

Send random output


Reload the program or instance in case of instantiate plugIT

Render event

Allows sending an event to each pre-render and post-render frame.

Rss reader

Open an RSS stream and return the content

Scene converter

Convert 3D models into Ogre Scene format

Scene loader

Load standard 3D model formats in the current scene


Sequencely send out events

Sequential input

Sequential inputs, define a list of actions with an order and time limits, and check on success or fail.


Share a file and / or a text (Android only)


Split a string into a list

Stats file

Manage statistics file


Send left or right depending of the current position state. Useful to enable or disable a link for example


Send the output corresponding to the input value

Task icon

Create a task icon with a submenu


Template plugIT


Define a timer event


Stock and manage a value

Xml reader

Reads an xml file from a reference file