OpenSpace3D 1.40

Last release date : 1.40 – 12/20/2017

OpenSpace3D setup download and install several programs, antivirus software can block them without any reasons. If this problem happen disable your antivirus software and install OpenSpace3D.


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Portable version

Last release date : 12/20/2017

OpenSpace3D 1.40 portable (zip) : Download


OpenSpace3D 1.40 portable with complete 3D library assets (zip) : Download


Additional packages

3D library

Last release date : 11/15/2016

Free 3D models library provided by Educartec : Download


Kinect pack V2.5.6

Last release date : 08/05/2016

Kinect pack setup for Openspace3D : Download


Android pack V2.0

Last release date : 12/20/2017
Android pack setup for Openspace3D : Download


Linux pack V1.4

Last release date : 12/20/2017
Linux pack setup for Openspace3D : Download


Raspberry Pi pack V1.4

Last release date : 12/20/2017
Raspberry Pi pack setup for Openspace3D : Download


MacOS pack V1.3

Last release date : 12/20/2017
MacOS pack setup for Openspace3D : Download


IOS pack V1.1

Last release date : 12/20/2017
IOS pack setup for Openspace3D : Download


Easy Ogre Exporter for 3dsMax

Last release date : 12/24/2017
3dsMax exporter for Ogre/Openspace3D : Download


Sketchup Exporter V1.3.4.

Sketchup 6 exporter setup for Ogre/Openspace3D : Download


Scol plugin

Get the Scol Voy@ger 6.8.0 (automatic install in OpenSpace3D setup) at


Documentations, demos and examples are included.



Download sources from subversion :


Follow the project, report bugs or submit patches on :


Version History

1.40 – 12/20/2017
– Add “3dRudder” plugIT for 3dRudder support
– Add “Dialog”, “Dialog list” and “Dialog number” plugIT, dialog boxes of various types
– Add “Menu” plugIT to display a customized menu
– Add “Label” and “Label list” plugIT to display annotation in the 3D world.
– Add “Scene tree” plugIT to display the list of object in the scene and select them
– Add “Slice plane” plugIT
– Add “Measure” plugIT to measure distances and angles
– Add “Object handler” plugIT to manipulate objects with a gizmo like in the editor
– Add “Light direction” plugIT to orientate a light relatively to the current view with the mouse
– Add “Material list” and “Multi material list” to assign a list of material to an object or several objects and switch between them
– Add “XML reader” plugIT to get informations from an XML file according to a reference file
– Add “Object info” plugIT to get bounding box info, vertex count and polygon count
– Add “Shadows” plugIT
– Add “SSAO” plugIT
– Update “Switch” plugIT to trigger the event on position change
– Update “Walkthrough” plugIT to allow to set the camera height
– Update “AR capture” and “AR marker” plugIT
– Update “Sky” plugIT with an interface to change the date settings in the player
– Update “Sequence” and “Output dispatcher” plugIT with loop option
– Update “Operator” plugIT to allow larger values
– Update “Material point size” plugIT with a user interface
– Update “Sequential input” by removing error count when errors are allowed
– Correction on “Object track” plugIT sending the key first and last key event twice in loop mode
– Correction on weight on “Animation switcher” plugIT
– Correction on “Examine view” plugIT inertia and wobble
– Correction on navigation plugITs
– Correction on “gpio servo” plugIT on time issue

– Add language selection in the project settings for the player and exported application
– Add “viewer_archeo” template developped for the “Consortium 3D SHS de la TGIR Huma-Num”
– Add “3dRudder” demo
– Update “FPSDemo” to support 3dRudder
– Correction of a color inversion in the color selector for plugIT

Core / Scol:
– Update 3D engine to Ogre 1.10.10
– Update Android API from 14 to 19 : Android versions prior to Android 4.4 KitKat are no longer supported
– Added support for Android keyboard
– Optimization on mouve move
– Optimization on augmented reality camera buffer
– Changes on text size and wrap calculation
– Correction on GLES shaders
– Corrections on HDR and SSAO for AMD graphic cards
– Correction on Android resize and menu hiding
– Correction on mouse simulation in Android
– Correction on bitmap widget
– correction on reflection maps
– Several minor correction


1.30 – 07/28/2017
– Add “OpenVR controller” plugIT for VR headsets support (OpenGL only)
– Add “Bounding box” plugIT to show the bounding box of an object
– Add “Physics ray impulse” pluIT to manage gun shoot
– Add “Physics impulse point” to manage force fields and explosions
– Add “Material point size” plugIT
– Update “FPS controller” plugIT to manage VR control, use forces to move
– Update “Screenshot” plugIT to take screenshot with transparent background and with higher resolution than the screen
– Update “Mouse” plugIT to return the object it hovers over
– Update “Physics tools” plugIT add gravity state
– Update “Advanced raycast” plugIT to allow for several modes
– Update “Examine view” plugIT to manage orthographic view and show unit scale
– Update “Orientation sensor” plugIT to manage offset
– Update “AR marker” plugIT
– Correction of several minor bug

– Add material editor
– Add points cloud support
– Add assets for 360 camera
– Add “VR shooting gallery”, “architecture” and “materials” demos
– Add body type preview when editing the physics settings of an object
– Update the import tool with a lot of import options
– Updates on several demos
– Changes in the behavior of the default light, now manageable in the scene tree
– Optimizations on scene load for meshes with a large number of subentities
– Correction on audio affecting FPS when no sound device connected
– Minor bug corrections
– Online documentation updated

Core / Scol:
– Update 3D engine to Ogre 1.10.7
– Add OpenURL for MacOS / iOS / Linux
– Shader generation on material load
– Optimizations for big meshes
– Optimizations on shadows and SSAO
– Optimizations on Advanced raycast
– Changes on physics update
– Change default renderer to OpenGL on Windows
– Changes to support the stereo on HTC Vive
– Corrections on shadows
– Correction on fullscreen with scaled monitor on windows


1.22 – 03/15/2017
– Add support for dailymotion url in video plugIT
– Modify the Var plugITs to manage multiple values in parameters
– Add magnitude event on Magnet sensor
– Correction on chrono plugIT with undefined values
– Correction on FPS plugIT on climb physics materials

– Corrections on french language
– App export now add a directory per architecture (Linux, RPI, Android)
– Add new assets for HUD (button, text zone)
– Add some new material colors in assets
– Minor bugs corrections

Core / Scol:
– Add support for Gamepad on Linux / OSX / IOS
– Add support for Sensors on Linux / OSX / IOS
– Correction on Video sound on Apple devices
– Correction on stereo camera matrix in SO3Engine
– Prevent material regeneration on scene light priority change on GLES devices
– Better Buoyancy forces management in physics
– Correction on IOS camera permission locking the app
– Possible crash correction on serial over bluetooth on Android


1.21 – 12/19/2016
– Add Raspberry PI motor driver plugIT
– Add Sound volume plugIT
– Add Random value plugIT
– Add marker preview in 3D view in AR marker plugIT
– Update on Raspberry PI ultrasound sensor plugIT
– Update several plugITs to add events triggered on actions
– Update video plugIT to add a show on start option
– Correction on FPS control plugIT
– Correction on Physic mouse plugIT

– Files defined in link parameters are now added to the group resources
– File selection is now available in link parameters when a plugIT action can use a file
– Update network demo to play videos
– Update FPS demo
– Updated russian language (Thanks again el_motoblock)
– Correction on default player window size
– Ready for IOS export coming next

Core / Scol:
– Serial over bluetooth is now available on Android to control devices like Arduino with the Serial plugIT
– Update Raspberry PI camera driver with last version (RGB inversion)
– Correction on Android camera orientation on some devices
– Correction on 3D engine shadow bias
– Correction on 3D engine texture update on OpenglES
– Correction on Kernel MMechostr that could make overflow
– Correction on Video decoding
– Correction on AR marker mutex
– Correction on QWERTY / AZERTY issue on Linux / OSX / Raspberry pi
– Correction on Kernel message loop


1.20 – 11/03/2016
– Add Raspberry PI system command plugIT

– Add Raspberry PI SR04 ultrasound sensor plugIT

– Add Raspberry PI PCA9685 16 Channel PWM Servo motor plugIT

– Add Maths “Map value” to map a value between a min and max

– Update FPS plugIT to allow the player to react to the physics environment

– Update “ARcapture” with an event when the camera is connected

– Update Maths “Operator” to allow to invert values on operations (between the value in the plugit and the link parameter)

– Correction on several plugITs

– Add OSX export

– Add an option in module editors to disable menu sorting (for huge project it can be too slow)

– Add Android version on export for better compatibilty with Google Play

– Manage Android screen orientation on export

– Correct asset library materials

Core / Scol:
– update Linux 32/64 support

– update Raspberry PI support

– update Android support

– Add a splash screen once the app launch on Android

– Manage Ar front camera and camera with screen orientation

– Correction on Keymaps for Linux / RPI / OSX

– Add I2C api in RpiGPIO plugin

– Change a bit the Lib2DOS look and feel to match better with Windows 10

– Main scol VM have now it’s own thread independently of the main/UI thread


1.15 – 08/05/2016
– Add Raspberry PI plugITs to control GPIO

– Update “Animation switcher” with an option to wait the end of the current animation before switch

– Update “3D gallery” and make it compatible with Android

– Update “Area” to correct show / hide delay

– Update “Button” to correct show / hide delay

– Update “Physic slider” to correct the initial motor state

– Update “Motion detect”

– Correction on several plugITs

– .scol file is now generated on project save

– Export window now reflect the multi-platform feature

– PlugIts Actions/Events are now listed in alphabetical order

Core / Scol:
– add Linux 32/64 support

– add Raspberry PI support

– Add RpiGPIO plugin

– Rewrite Serial IO for multi platform

– Rewrite shadows shaders to use a more simple pixel format

– Better support of Orientation sensor on Android, by adding bias calculation on gyroscope

– Correction on manual textures on OpenGL ES2

– Correction on Android camera framerate for some devices

– Change Android key file generation expiration date to make it compatible with “Google play”

– add files functions in kernel : _listoffiles2 _listofsubdir2 _storepack2 for case sensivity functions

– add zip functions in kernel : _CRzipArchive, _DSzipArchive, _ADDzipArchiveFile, _WRITEzipArchive to make zip files.


1.10 – 04/25/2016
– Add “Ambient sound effect” plugIT

– Update “Sound” and “3D sound” plugITs : enable ambient effects and networks streams

– Update “Video plugIT” : manage common video file formats, URL and Youtube content with 3D sound. Now compatible with Android

– Update “AR marker” : add options to get current detected marker and apply to texture

– Update “AR capture” : add option to enable focus on touch for mobiles

– Update “Object track” : correction on local positions, add events on keys positions

– Update “Object moveto” : correction on local positions

– Update “Stereo” : automatic downsample render size depending of the current FPS

– Update “Screenshot” : add support for %Pictures% in path and enable Android support

– Update “Youtube” : no set as deprecated, it’s replaced by “Video” plugIT

– Correction on several plugITs

– “Open in player” button in standalone version now works properly

– Add demos for Augmented Reality

– correction on links removed when a plugit is not loaded

Core / Scol:
– Auto hide navigation bar on Android when fullscreen is enable

– Add FFMPEG functions in BitmapToolkit for video and audio stream

– Add ARtoolkit in BitmapToolkit with NFT tracker

– Manage audio buffers in Audio plugin

– Optims / Corrections

– All rebuilt with Visual 2013 on windows


1.9.5 – 01/02/2016
– Add “Magnet sensor” with a “Cardboard trigger” event

– Add “Text zone” for interfaces with several text zones

– Add “advanced raycast” (allow to disable pixel mouse raycast for optims when not needed)

– Add “Blob detection” from AR Camera

– Add Maths “Warper” to warp coords from blobs for example to screen coords

– Update AR marker (add revet Z and Y option)

– Update “set active camera” to add actions to set parameters

– Update “Button” to allow multi line text

– Update “FPS control”

– Update “Physic hinge”

– Update “Sensor” plugITs with Supported / Unsupported events

– Correction on several plugITs

– Update OS3D logos

– Add export option for Android achitecture

– Add uniform scale ratio in scale interface

– Optims on links execution

– Disable web export (deprecated)

Core / Scol:
– Add X86 export for Android

– Manage external shaders for OpenglES

– Support Overlay transparency on OpenglES

– Downsample 3D resolution on Android devices

– Manage keyboard, mouse and joypad on Android

– Correction on timer resources

– Optims on main loops to avoid 100% CPU on Android

Easy Ogre Exporter for 3DSMAX
– add GLSLES shader generation

– support of composite texture type (one layer with one mask – and only when shader 3 lights is selected – CG and GLSLES). This allow to use a mask texture for reflection, normal, spec, illumination …

– manage UV Offset and rotation animation from material texture (get the speed and direction from the last track time)
– manage uv animation in shaders

– support FOG in shaders

– illumination texture added for basic Mat


1.9.1 – 21/10/2015
– Add accelerometer plugITs (For Android)

– Add light sensor plugITs (For Android)

– Add proximity sensor plugITs (For Android)

– Add vibrator (rumble) plugITs (For Android)

– Correction on several plugITs


1.9.0 – 08/06/2015
– manage multitouch on several plugITs

– add orientation sensor plugIT

– correction on several plugITs

– add Russian support (contributor : el_motoblock)

– add Italian support (contributor : David Pesarin Brocato)

– add Android export feature

– add Loft 3D demo (contributor Irvin Thomas)

– updated several demos with Android support or specific version

Core / Scol:
– Android support

– Optims on webcam and Augmented Reality

– Update 3D engine to Ogre 1.10

– Update physic engine to last Newton version


1.8.5 – 03/09/2015
– add tobii EyeX plugIT

– add Mail plugIT

– better support of Oculus DK2

– correction on FPS navigation plugIT

– and more corrections on others

– add multi language support

– add french language

– add Tobii EyeX demo

– updated other demos

– better axis selection

– add $0 link param keyword for all param content

– correction on plugits getting material resources from another group

Core / Scol:
– Better performances on 3D engine

– Tobii EyeX support

– SO3Engine is more stable


1.8.1 – 12/23/2014

– update Oculus plugit to support DK2

– update Myo plugit with new gesture name

– and more corrections on others

– add buoyancy forces / physics fluid volumes

– correction on plugits getting material resources from another group

Core / Scol:
– update Oculus library to support DK2

– update MYO to latest SDK

– update Leap Motion to latest SDK


1.8.0 – 11/24/2014
– add physic mouse plugIT (to grab physic objects)

– add physic radar plugIT

– add Object track plugIt

– add Reload plugIT

– add Interval event plugIT

– add render water plugIT to dynamically set environment settings

– add render sky plugIT to dynamically set environment settings

– add multitouch plugIT

– update Leap Motion plugIT (manage VR mode, skinned hand with physics, grab action …)

– update FPS navigation (now manage walk sound, physic materials, slide, climb…)

– update Walkthrough plugIT

– update Examine view plugIT to allow Oculus head tracking

– update Button plugIT to allow animated buttons

– update Myo plugIt (now manage several myo instances)

– update Fullscreen plugIT to allow full sized window

– update Viewport plugIT to allow external window on several screens

– update Distance plugIT to show a gizmo of the distance in editor

– update physic tools plugIt

– and more corrections on others

– add FPS demo

– add Solar system VR demo

– add Animated button example

– add selection of resources in plugITs by mouse click in 3D view

– add gizmo visualiation on some plugITs

– add export feature to local web page

– add LOD generation on mesh settings

– add curved links visualization option

– update physic settings

– remove group resource limitation in plugITs resources

Core / Scol:

– add PDF plugin to generate PDF files

– correction on Joypad hot plug

– better HDR parameters

– optimizations on shadows

– update physic engine to Newton 3

– update assimp SDK it now support blender lastest format

– update Myo SDK

– update Leap motion SDK

– update flash OCX for embeded Flash content


1.7 – 07/08/2014
– Import standard 3D formats (DAE, FBX, 3DS, OBJ…)

– 3D Engine updated to Ogre 1.9

– Myo armband support (alpha)

– Leap Motion support with skeletal tracking

– XOS files are now packed

– all the application ressources are now packed in one file when exporting to the Web

– added volumetric lights shaft

– better HDR tonemapping

– add domotics plugITs in release version (X10 and USBUIRT)

– add AR face tracker (alpha)

– add simple avatar plugIT for network applications

– add delayed event plugIT

– add sequential input plugIT

– add scene converter plugIT

– add scene loader plugIT

– update ARcapture plugIT with dynamic camera selection

– update Serial plugIT

– update Area plugIT

– update operator plugIT

– update Kinect pack

– correction on config file plugIT


1.6.4 – 03/02/2014
– new leap boxing mini game demo

– better leap motion support

– new examples and demos for leap motion and kinect

– correction on some plugITs

– rewrite a major part of the Scol VM

– update documentation

– more robust with a lot of corrections and tests.


1.6.3 – 12/18/2013
– maintenance release

– correction on possible install error “AXscol.dll”

– better main loop implementation on Scol Voyager

– more precise timers

– added Grab / ungrab event on Leap Motion

– correction on underWater rendering

– manage oculus with AR capture for a webcam linked on the Oculus Rift for Augmented Reality

– corrections on plugITs using a capture device

– more stable


1.6.2 – 11/26/2013
– new Oculus demo

– support of LeapMotion

– added user RGB picture for Kinect

– some corrections and improvement


1.6.1 – 10/28/2013
– new industrial demo

– add Oculus plugIT

– add VRPN client plugIT for VR system

– add TUIO plugIT for multi touch system

– add undo / redo fonctions on 3D scene edition

– manage physic bodies on dummies

– add a concave physic shape for complex meshes

– update instantiate plugIT

– improve water and under water rendering

– improve Quad buffer rendering to allow effects and shadows

– improve shadows

– improve HDR effect

– improve navigation plugITs, add a crouch system on FPS plugIT and manage head tracking control and fly mode

– improve stereo modes, allow compositor effects and shadows

– better kinect support, add head tracking event, and use the Microsoft SDK with openNI2

– better support on multi screens

– optimize rendering loop

– optimize webcams / AR

– update Web navigator interfaces

– correction on speech / recognition

– huge optimizations and bugs fix


1.5.0 – 04/17/2013
– Add physic vehicle plugIT

– Add physic contrains plugITs (ball and socket, hinge and slider)

– Add Interface Area plugIT

– Add a fade transition on some Interface plugITs

– Add animation switcher plugIT

– Add PDF plugIT

– Add cancel operation on right click when moving an object

– Add SSAO and HDR rendering effects

– Add high level shadows (PSSM and CSM) for directional light

– Add QuadBuffer stereo support

– Change the rendering setting interface

– Updated augmented reality plugITs

– Updated documentation

– Lots of bug fixes and huge optimizations on projects loader


1.1.0 – 07/30/2012
– Add orthographic views in 3d editor

– Add zoom levels in plugITs editor

– Add preview button on compositior selector

– Add button plugIT

– Add task icon plugIT

– Add offset on 2D overlayed plugITs

– Add video plugIT

– Correction on X Y inversion on several orientation plugITs

– Manage mutiple root bones on skeleton

– Animations now update the physic body position

– New html interface example

– Better Augmented Reality marker detection

– Updated documentation

– Lots of bug fixes and optimizations


1.0.0 – 03/23/2012

– Major change : The main OpenSpace3D partition for your projects is now in your “My documents/OpenSpace3D” directory

– Add Environment settings with Sky and Water

– Add Web navigator interfaces

– Add Featured markers support for augmented reality

– Add loading screen

– Add Moho plugIT to manage Moho file formats for synchronize visemes with sounds

– Add Vuzix HMD support with head traking

– Add Side by Side and Top / Bottom stereo modes

– Update lipsync plugIT for an easier configuration

– Update Speech plugIT to get Preston Blair Visemes format

– Update chat plugIT with web interface

– Update many other plugITs …

– Change some helpers icon

– Update online documentation

– Lots of bug fixes and optimizations


0.2.6 – 09/23/2011

– Add Cinematics editor for animations sequences

– Add Motion detection plugIT

– Add Capture plugIT

– Add Picture plugIT

– Update Speech / Reco plugITs

– Update Youtube plugIT

– Add a menu to change a mesh material from the tree

– Better support of particle scripts

– Manage group clone

– Update DirectX version

– Demos and examples are now installed in “My Documents” Scol partition

– Optimizations on links draw

– Object Click plugIT now use bitmaps instead of heavy flash control for tooltips

– Update online documentation

– Corrections for Low graphics cards like Intel GMA

– lots of optimizations and debugs


0.2.5 – 05/12/2011

– Add kinect plugIts (in available in kinect pack)

– Add colors for plugIT’s category (thank’s to Greg for this idea)

– Add the possibility to show only the selected links

– Add sound pitch control

– Add lip sync PlugIt

– Add capture plugIT for video inputs

– Add ARcapture for video input with augmented reality detection

– Add ARmarker for augmented reality

– Add Input tunnel plugIT for links relay even in instantiate instance

– Update speech plugIT

– Project upload now generate an html page instead of a php one

– Update Move to plugIT

– Update Examin view plugIT

– Update Object control plugIT

– Update sound plugIT’s

– New examples

– some optimizations and debugs


0.2.4 – 03/22/2011

– Add “Launch in player” button on general interface

– Add “Project setting” button on general interface for project description and author

– Add Shift + C shortcut to create a camera from the current view

– Add Tab shortcut to switch between the different edit method (PRS)

– Add default compositor ressources

– Add reflection map object

– Add dynamic cube map object

– Update Youtube plugIT for a simple way to play youtube videos in 3D

– Update Texture text plugIT

– Update “Walkthrough” Navigation plugIT

– Add RSS reader plugIT

– Add an “FPS like” Navigation plugIT

– Add “move to” plugIT

– Add “rotate to” plugIT

– Add “config File” plugIT

– Add “texture shift” plugIT

– Add “add vector” plugIT

– Add “capture” plugIT

– Add “instantiate” plugIT

– Add “random vector” plugIT

– Update object plugITs with getting position/rotation by object selection

– Update “physic tools” plugIT

– Update “mouse” plugIT

– Update “object control” plugIT

– Fix math plugITs

– Better current camera usage in plugITs editor

– Show missed plugIT in red (for plugITs developers)

– XOS project loader optimization

– Links method optimization

– Links loop detection

– Physics optimization

– Mouse Ray cast optimization

– secure load method on Editor and Player, test if current version is compatible with the current scol voyager

– some debug and code clean


0.2.3 – 07/28/2010

– Add export to stand alone application

– Manage alias on objects and groups

– add visibility distance on objects setting

– update viewport plugIT

– update wii tools plugIT

– update material color plugIT

– update texture text plugIT

– update change texture plugIT

– update object position plugIT

– add change material plugIT

– correction on node animation import

– correction on setup path detection


0.2.2 – 06/22/2010

– Manage particle scripts

– Manage NeuroSky headset

– Manage speech recognition and text to speech (SAPI)

– Manage material scheme

– Add Serial plugIT

– Add NeuroSky plugIT

– Add Setvec plugIT

– Add Joypad plugIT

– Add Particle plugIT

– Add Text to Speech plugIT

– Add Voice recognition plugIT

– Add material scheme plugIT

– Editor interfaces are now resizable

– objects index are now at the end of the object name

– Add Save / Save As buttons on main toolbar

– Add Wire render mode

– Add Multi selection on plugITs using drag select methode

– Add a controler toolbar to test animations and particles in setup interface

– A lot of optimizations and debug


0.2.1 – 05/07/2010

– Complete Web browser integration

– Drag and Drop of mesh, ogre scene or openspace3d scene file in 3D view

– Add Mouse plugIT to control mouse

– Add plugIT switch case

– Rename wiimote plugIT to Wii tools since it manage balance board

– Add LISPSM camera mode for shadow texture

– Correction on sky material

– Scene loader optimization


0.2.0 – 04/03/2010

– Rename “refresh” plugITs menu to “Reload”

– Add Ctrl + A to select all plugITs

– Add maths Operator plugIT

– Add Animation transition plugIT

– Add plugIT description in instance interface

– Add a clear logs button on interface

– PlugITs menus are now sorted

– Links params have now the priority on the event param

– Bones from skeleton are now editable

– Compositor shaders from resources

– Update Animtaion plugIT with several enhancement

– Rename vector order plugIT to vector permutation

– Rename basic navigation plugIT to walkthrough

– Rename viewer navigation plugIT to examine view

– update examine view plugIT added inertia value and camera properties

– update Counter plugIT add the Begin event for decremental count

– update flash interface PlugIT to select the texture unit

– update distance plugIT to add the possibility to detect the distance between two objects

– update the keyboard plugIT to disable the key repeat on key down

– …


0.1.9 – 03/04/2010

– add menu on object right click

– add popup on xos import to ask for importing environment params

– update object physics body on scale

– add escape key to close dialog windows if there is no internal focus

– add bubble on round links to show the links

– add links highlighting on plugIT selection

– optimize files to upload on web export

– change XML plugIT definition

– add params enum for action in PlugIT XML

– add current filename in window title

– add multi selection on plugITs

– add copy / paste selected plugITs (Ctrl + C, Ctrl + V)

– update full screen plugIT with resolution params

– update stereo plugIT with params and mode

– add getvec maths plugIT to get a vector element

– update rotate plugIT with pitch yaw roll action to change dynamicaly the rotate value

– change the plugITs load method to test a plugIT validity

– dynamic plugIT update

– add refresh plugITs menu in groups tab

– add copy and paste selected plugITs menu on right click in plugITs tab

– test version available and on editor launch

– add splash screen on loading

– update flash plugIT add mouse/keyboard enable


0.1.4 – 06/19/2009
– added missing index on import single mesh
– added scene fog editor
– adjust helpers meshes for better selection on click
– added volume setting in sound plugIT
– added infos on 3d with toolbar button
– animations rate frame skipping on low fps
– rotate rate frame skipping on low fps in rotate function
– possibility to disable auto fit on object select
– added sky editor
– added skeleton and morph animations support
– new call url plugIT
– new if plugIT
– new On init plugIT
– new Dialog box plugIT
– new close plugIT
– new Youtube plugIT
– new Counter plugIT
– new Var plugIT
– new MatColor plugIT
– new Switch plugIT
– sort plugIts menu by categories
– Show the plugIT editor window when adding a new plugIT
– rename Object link plugIT to Object click
– update Basic navigation plugIT with angle position and camera fov
– new Get camera plugIT
– new Get object plugIT
– new Object link plugIT
– new viewer_navigation plugIT
– added .scene import wizard (blender compatible)
– set the v3dlib default fps to 60
– added some functions in G2Dlib for lists
– resolved draw links bug when close a group tab
– resolved plugin load boolean set to 0 on initscene
– added import skeleton if available in import mesh
– change the plugITs load methode
– Added Application publication to a web applet with automatic ftp upload
– update of the plugITs resource selector
– some debug


0.1.8 – 02/03/2010

– Clone a node in scene tree

– Clone object on axis click with shift key

– Add help button for coming online help

– Add about button for about interface

– Add button to activate plugITs links debug

– Add mesh import wizard

– new maths plugITs for vector manipulation

– new Input / Output plugITs for sequential links

– new Stereo and Fullscreen plugITs

– new Keyboard plugIT

– new physics PlugITs

– update wiimote plugIT

– …



– Rename plugIT

– Configuration file for user preference and window position

– Bubble on plugIT to show the plugIT type

– Alert to save the current scene on close



– added group import and export function

– debug links and instances loader on xos import

– added physics support on meshes and scene setting

– sort plugIts directories

– new Flash Interface plugIT

– new Change texture plugIT from file or url

– correction of several ergonomy issues

– better skeleton and morph animation support


0.1.4a – 06/19/2009

– added missing index on import single mesh

– added scene fog editor

– adjust helpers meshes for better selection on click

– added volume setting in sound plugIT

– added infos on 3d with toolbar button

– animations rate frame skipping on low fps

– rotate rate frame skipping on low fps in rotate function

– possibility to disable auto fit on object select

– added sky editor

– added skeleton and morph animations support

– new call url plugIT

– new if plugIT

– new On init plugIT

– new Dialog box plugIT

– new close plugIT

– new Youtube plugIT

– new Counter plugIT

– new Var plugIT

– new MatColor plugIT

– new Switch plugIT

– sort plugIts menu by categories

– Show the plugIT editor window when adding a new plugIT

– rename Object link plugIT to Object click

– update Basic navigation plugIT with angle position and camera fov

– new Get camera plugIT

– new Get object plugIT

– new Object link plugIT

– new viewer_navigation plugIT

– added .scene import wizard (blender compatible)

– set the v3dlib default fps to 60

– added some functions in G2Dlib for lists

– resolved draw links bug when close a group tab

– resolved plugin load boolean set to 0 on initscene

– added import skeleton if available in import mesh

– change the plugITs load methode

– Added Application publication to a web applet with automatic ftp upload

– update of the plugITs resource selector


0.1.3a – 05/04/2009
– improve axis ergonomy

– add helpers icons for camera / nodes / lights

– add the grid and helpers show / hide buttons on 3d toolbar

– adjust the default light setting


0.1.2a – 04/27/2009

– add scol version verification on start and install

– update .scol with loader

– correction of anims import on scale keys

– add test of the presence of flash player activeX in flash function