Frequently Asked Questions


OpenSpace3D install fail and double click on OpenSpace3D icon do nothing ?

OpenSpace3D setup download and install several programs, and some antivirus software can sometimes block them without any reasons. Disable your antivirus software and install OpenSpace3D again.

OpenSpace3D install a plugin called “Scol”, why ?

OpenSpace3D is written in Scol language, Scol is a virtual machine, and works like other languages like Java.

How to install OpenSpace3D on a computer without Internet connection ?

The classic OpenSpace3D install, automatically download and install the Scol Voyager program. To install it manually, you must download and install The Scol Voyager first. Then you can install the OpenSpace3D setup normally.

I can’t open the samples projects, I get an error message “Your file have to be in a scol partition”

First verify that you try to open the project from the correct directory, “My documents/OpenSpace3D”. If your project folder is in this directory, this is possible that you Antivirus software or Sandbox system, do not allow the OpenSpace3D setup to modify the Scol Voyager config file. In this case, disable your Antivirus Software or Sandbox system and proceed the OpenSpace3D setup again.

OpenSpace3D just do not start ?

In some rare cases, the graphic driver on computers can be too old to allow the 3D engine to start, try to update your graphic driver.

On some demos projects i have a black sreen ?

Some demos use recent rendering techniques for HDR and Ambient Occlusion effect, but some old or cheap graphic cards do not support them. Try to update your graphic driver or disable this effects in the OpenSpace3D rendering setting.

How to export 3D models from my 3D modeler to OpenSpace3D ?

OpenSpace3D use the Ogre3D engine for graphics. You can use any of the Ogre3D exporter available here for your modeler software. For 3DSMAX we suggest Easy Ogre Exporter.

How to get the Kinect working with OpenSpace3D ?

The Kinect support for OpenSpace3D is available as an addon. You can download and install the Kinect Pack from the download page.

I want to use a video or picture plugIT on a 3D object, but nothing happen ?

The Video and other material modification plugIT, need to have a material with a texture already applied on it to allow plugITs to modify it. Then add a default texture on the material in your 3D modeler, if you want to use it for Video or other material modification plugITs.

What is the video formats supported by the Video plugIT ?

The video plugIT use the Flash interface to read videos files. So you have to convert the video in FLV or MP4 format. For MP4 format use an H264 encoder for the video and AAC MP4 for audio.

How to create and import particles for OpenSpace3D ?

To create particles systems for OpenSpace3D, you can use this third software Ogre Particle Lab. Then copy the particle and material files in your OpenSpace3D project folder and import them as new resources in your project.

I try to use Augmented Reality marker based on a picture, but it is not stable, why ?

The features detection method used in OpenSpace3D need complex pictures for a better results. You can also try to change the value of the “Maximum detected features” parameter in the AR marker PlugIT. The room lighting condition must also be taken in account.

On Augmented Reality applications, how to hide an object when the marker is lost ?

The AR marker plugIT offer a Found and Lost event. You just need to link this events on a Hide plugIT to the Show and Hide action.

When I try to export an Android application I get an error on APK generation ?

The Android tool used to make the APK file need an Internet connection to work. If you still have a problem, even with an active Internet connection, you must allow the address in your Firewall or Proxy configuration.

I get an error message saying “api-ms-win-crt-runtime-l1-1-0.dll” is missing, what can I do?

Perform a Windows Update or install the Microsoft support for universal C runtime here :