OpenSpace3D 1.81

OPENSPACE3D V1.81 : Interactivity and support

OpenSpace3D is still evolving, this time with a number of small additions allowing more interactivity.

Thus, it is now possible to use text fields concealing their content to enter passwords, and the new plugIT “Hash” can encrypt them according to various algorithms for secure transmissions.

Recent interface plugITs now also support multitouch, allowing you to interact with multiple elements simultaneously, making it possible to create complex touch controls!

OS3D 1.81


Android Studio and App Bundle


As previously announced, two new export types have been added for Android: the App Bundle export, the new format offered by Google for the Play Store to simplify the deployment of optimized applications, and the Android Studio project export, allowing developers to tweak their application or integrate it into another application using Android Studio.

For other additions for Android, the plugIT “Share” now allows to trigger a file or text sharing, the plugIT “Open file” can open a file with a third-party application (on all systems), and the size of interfaces now adapts automatically according to the pixel density of the device used.



This update also brings compatibility with the latest version of Raspbian, Raspbian 10 Buster.

On Windows, the “ODBC” plugIT now allows access to any type of database to data through the eponym API.

Minor fixes have been made on some plugITs and small optimizations have been made on various aspects of the software, continuing to increase the performance and reliability of OpenSpace3D.

OpenSpace3D 1.80

OPENSPACE3D V1.80 : Technical reworks and convenient options

OpenSpace3D 1.80 was the occasion for us to update and rework a good chunk of the inner workings that make this project possible, so although it may not be apparent, it has been a great enhancement for us.

But that is not all because as always, this version brings in its share of new plugITs, new features, new optimizations and new ergonomics enhancements !

Three new plugITs join the list to allow the manipulation and display of arrays, while some of the biggest plugITs now only show the most importants of their features when opened. Of course, no feature was removed, and every the non-essential feature is just a click away from you.

The “Custom interface” plugIT has been vastly improved with two brand new element types availables, new options on existing types and many ergonomic and functionality fixes. Almost all of the interfaces plugIT can now be navigated with the keyboard arrows, a controller or a remote, depending on the device you use.

OS3D 1.80



Virtual Reality has been improved once again in OpenSpace3D, this time with VR trackers support such as the HTC Vive Trackers.

Attach these trackers on any object so that it can be tracked and integrated in the virtual world to create perfectly natural interactions.

Others improvements include several options for the pointer rays, an auto-click option to simulate a touch from the controller on clickable interfaces or objects.



Although almost unchanged in appearance, the internal workings of the Android export have been completely revised to use more modern techniques, more in line with Google’s standards.

This allowed us to add support for 64-bit architectures (arm64-v8a and x86_64) and Android TV, and we plan to add the ability to export your projects as an App Bundle and Android Studio projects in the future.

Also, following a few reports that several Android smartphones and tablets could not run OpenSpace3D applications, we would like to know if this update solved the problems for these devices. Your returns will be most appreciated.



The 3D models import options are saved between each import so that you son’t need to set these again for consecutive imports, you can now apply a default scale and import several models simultaneously.

The “SQLite” plugIT now supports UTF-8 encoding, you can move and resize most of the Interface plugITs while the application is running and offset the rotation point of the “Examine view” plugIT to accomodate an interface covering part of the screen.

Various corrections have been done on several plugITs and functionalities of OpenSpace3D, and some other functionalities are already under development.

OpenSpace3D 1.71

OPENSPACE3D V1.71 : Useful tools and corrections

This update introduces a number of small improvements in OpenSpace3D : some plugITs got useful new options, some saw their behaviours improved. A few new plugITs are also available such as the “Countdown” plugIT.

The physics engine, volumetric lighting and particles got some upgrades as well.

New VR templates are also available, providing different control schemes for your immersive experiences.

OS3D 1.71


Custom Interface plugIT


But the most noteworthy addition of this update is the new “Custom Interface” plugIT and its powerful user interface editor, able to create an interface perfectly suited to your project, be it a form, a HUD (Head Up Display) or an option or level selection menu.

This plugIT will be complemented with new types of interface element and new options in the future. Your suggestions and requests are welcome, so do not hesitate to let us know !


OpenSpace3D 1.70

OPENSPACE3D V1.70 : Improved ergonomics

OpenSpace3D 1.70 brings in many small improvements to offer greater reliability, options and features, including several improvements on ergonomics:

  • The ability to switch between local and world referencial to use the move/rotate/scale tools
  • A new and more conveniant look for the rotate tool
  • An increased reliability from the move/rotate/scale tools for a more accurate edition
OS3D 1.70


VR controllers


New templates have been added, making some functionalities easier to access !

The “360” templates allow you to display a 360° picture or video in the 3D world, while the new “AR” templates provide the basic tools to use augmented reality in your applications.

You can also learn to use a database to store score, positions and many other things thanks to the “database” templates “sqlite” exemple.

Finally, a template with generic VR controllers and a template providing a 3D mouse cursor also have been added.



OpenSpace3D 1.70 introduces the “GPS location” plugIT, allowing to get the GPS coordinates of the device and to link a 3D object to a specific location in the real world.

The new “Input mixer” plugIT also comes with this release, allowing to combine the outputs of several plugITs in a single one to provide more possibilities with and ease link parameters handling.

The latest interface plugITs were revised too to offer better readability, smaller margins and still more options, making for clearer and less cumbersome interfaces.

GPS Location

OpenSpace3D 1.60

OPENSPACE3D V1.60 : Would you like some more data ?

With OpenSpace3D version 1.60, it is easier than ever to sort your data!

The “SQLite” plugIT now allows you to create, use and update databases to create ever more ambitious applications.

And what better way to visualize your incoming data than a graph of curves ? That’s exactly what the new plug-in “Real-time graph” does, allowing you to display your data streams in real time. Entirely customizable, it can accommodate any project.

Finally, OpenSpace3D is now compatible with EEG Emotiv headsets, to provide even more ways to interact with the virtual world. Insight, Epoc and Epoc + helmets are supported.

OS3D 1.60


Link parameters


Link parameters have evolved for ever more versatility! It is now possible to use global variables (plugIT “global var”) directly in any link by putting its name in between % (Example:% MyVar%).

Some default global variables have also been added. Thus, you can easily access the time, date, language or even generate random numbers in each link of your project!

But the biggest novelty is probably the appearance of the tag [code][/ code]! This allows you to execute Scol code snippets directly in the links, allowing for simple operations as well as more complex processing chains.



Thales, on the Cholet site, designs, develops, industrializes and deploys radio communication equipment, tactical military networks, electronic warfare systems, as well as security solutions for information systems (encryption, networks, etc.).

The products assembled on the production lines are radiocommunication equipments for which the work of the operators consists mainly of manually integrating electronic assemblies with fragile connectors. To facilitate the training of new collaborators to these assembly operations, it was proposed to review the format of transmission of know-how and to use augmented reality.

It is at this stage that the OpenSpace3D software, with which instruction sheets for job training are produced, intervenes. The application brings more interactivity to operators, and reduces learning time. It shows step by step the actions to be performed for the integration of the equipment, adding on, if necessary, the movements of 3D models, images and videos. Other features have been implemented to improve interactivity with the operator: voice recognition, buttons connected to an Arduino board (connected by serial link) to facilitate the passage of steps, taking pictures of the product in case of default …



Thanks to a modernization of the OpenSpace3D development commissioned by the “Consortium 3D SHS de la TGIR Huma-Num”, you can now edit 64-bit applications for Windows. Particularly useful for industrial productions, a 64-bit version will allow you, among other things, to import larger files into your applications.

We also took the opportunity of this upgrade to offer you a new version of the OpenSpace3D web browser thanks to an update to cef3. It supports the latest standards such as HTML5 for a smoother and more complete navigation.

Finally, a new export is emerging : the export to an OpenSpace3D package (.pkos). These packages allow to gather an entire OpenSpace3D project (plugITs, 3D models, materials, sounds, and other resources) into a single file that you can easily transfer to another computer. No need to worry anymore about resource paths or forgetting about a texture burried deep into your folders, and ideal for teamwork!

64 bits



The new “Telnet client” and “Telnet server” plugITs now make it possible to communicate through TCP with other applications or devices. A “Signal” plugIT has been added to allow you to generate signals of varying shape, amplitude and frequency. The “Scene loader” plugIT now allows to load a scene or an object from a URL.

Many other plugITs have been upgraded to bring more features and convenience.

More details on the release history.


OpenSpace3D 1.50

OPENSPACE3D V1.50 : A giant leap for VR!

This new update of OpenSpace3D brings a lot of improvements, starting with new tools for Virtual Reality.

Add your digital models from the BIM with IFC, Collada, Ply, Obj, 3DS or FBX format, import the VR viewer template and visit the model as if you were there! Take measurements, add notes, or change the time of day. Check out the video tutorial on our Youtube channel!

A new type of shadows optimized for mobile platforms and VR is emerging!

Augmented Reality apps for IOS and Android have also been optimized.

OS3D 1.50



The “Local Network” plugIT is appearing on OpenSpace3D! With it, you can connect multiple applications or instance of the same application through UDP, TCP protocols or through the OpenSpace3D Java server.

It also allows you to synchronize the objects of your choice and send any type of information between applications. Multi-user apps, multiplayer games, remote app control, and more creative uses are at your fingertips!

The “Chat GUI” plugIT now allows you to use chat on all platforms.

viewer_archeo 1
viewer_archeo 2


OpenSpace3D 1.50 also provides an update for the Neurosky plugIT, which is now compatible with the new Neurosky MindWave Mobile headset.

This headset is capable of analyzing your brain waves to determine your level of attention, meditation, and can detect blinking. Learn to master it to control your applications with your mind!



Many other plugITs have been upgraded to bring more features and convenience.

More details on the release history.


OpenSpace3D 1.40

OPENSPACE3D V1.40 : A shower of new plugITs !

With this new version, the OpenSpace3D team offers you a myriad of new plugITs to better manage your interfaces, lights, materials and more.

You will find among other things, improvements of old plugITs, brand new interface plugITs, and a new plugIT category that makes its appearance: the “tools” plugITs.

This update also includes its share of corrections and addition, such as a new template for viewer and a new compatible peripheral device : the 3dRudder.

OS3D 1.40



Among these new plugITs are many plugITs offering interfaces of a new type in OpenSpace3D. Offer more information and interactivity to your users !

A fully customizable menu is available, as well as dialog boxes of various types to inform your users or ask them for information, as well in 2D as in 3D.


viewer_archeo 1
viewer_archeo 2


OpenSpace3D now provides you with a new project template (images above), made for and with the support of the “Consortium 3D SHS de la TGIR Huma-Num”.

Located in the OpenSpace3D/assets/templates/viewer_archeo folder, you just need to import it into your scene to benefit from ideal interfaces and tools for any 3D object observation and analysis. Measurement tools, annotations, cut plane and materials editing are only part of the features offered by this template.



In September, we realized the exhibition “Explorations virtuelles de Mané er Groez, dolmen à Carnac” in collaboration with the LARA (“laboratoire de recherche en archéologie et architectures”) of Nantes, the “Musée de la Préhistoire James Miln – Zacharie Le Rouzic” of Carnac, the Groom Collective and the AUNA (“association universitaire nantaise d’archéologie”).

This exhibition took place at the Château des Ducs de Bretagne, in Nantes, and featured two applications made with OpenSpace3D. The first proposed to discover the site and its history in augmented reality, while the second offered a virtual tour of the site of Mané er Groez and highlighed the archaeological work done on site.


Exposition 1
Exposition 2


We also added support for a new device : the 3dRudder ! The 3dRudder will allow you to move like never before in a 3 dimensional world, using your feet. Ideal for virtual reality!

Learn how to use it in the new dedicated demo, and add it to your apps !



OpenSpace3D 1.30

OPENSPACE3D V1.30 : A lot of improvements

OpenVR support, material editor, new demos added … This 1.30 release of OpenSpace3D is loaded with new things !
Several plugITs have been added, some have been updated, and numerous optimizations improve your experience with OpenSpace3D.

OpenSpace3D 1.30
VR shooting gallery


Dive into the world of virtual reality with OpenVR compatibles VR headsets, such as the HTC Vive !
The integration of virtual reality in your applications is done with a few clicks, and all of the headset and controllers’s options are at your disposal.
Do not hesitate to try VR shooting gallery, the new OpenSpace3D demo specifically designed to test the virtual reality.
Needs the use of OpenGL to work.



A brand new material editor has been implemented in this release, to allow to make changes on your materials and to visualize the result directly in OpenSpace3D.
Colors, textures, reflections, render mode … The editor has every tool you need for your projects. You can have a glimpse of the possibilities of the editor with the new Materials demo.


Material editor

OpenSpace3D 1.22

OPENSPACE3D V1.22 and new Ebook

We finally did it, OpenSpace3D now allows to export your apps on IOS devices!

On this release we focused our work on multi platform features with the addition of the sensors and gamepads support for Linux / Raspberry pi / OSX / IOS.

The new Introduction to OpenSpace3D Ebook will allow you to learn step by step how to make augmented reality and virtual reality apps through different exercises and finally with a complete mini game tutorial.

You can try the Ebook’s final project on Google Play. Get it on Google Play





Make your apps compatible for all the main platforms! We have done our best to make the export for each platform the most simple as possible.



OpenSpace3D 1.21

OPENSPACE3D V1.21 : Community release

With the help and feedback of our community, we added several requested features.

On the menu, Bluetooth Serial communication on Android to control Arduino devices, more Raspberry PI plugITs and several ergonomics addition and changes, like the dynamic view of the augmented reality markers when editing.

OS3D 1.21