PISE, Immersive Simulation Platform for job interviews

PISE video
PISE is a serious game simulating a job interview that immerses a person in a completely virtual environment to train him to control his emotions.

The candidate is equipped with sensors that measure facial expressions, heart rate, breathing, etc.., to infer his emotions. For its part, the recruiter is a virtual character whose behavior can be configured. The scenario of the interview, can be adapted to the reactions observed.

For the purposes of the project, this training tool is dedicated to job interview. But other usage scenarios such as taking public speaking, stress management or medical applications are already planned.

The project opens the way for a whole range of new uses of Affective Computing, a rapidly developing technology which today reached maturity.

PISE was fully developped using Openspace3D.
This project was developed by five partners: I-Maginer, project leader, ENOZONE, ISTIA LISA Angers, PerformanSe.