OpenSpace3D 1.84

OPENSPACE3D V1.84: Utility update

With OpenSpace3D 1.84 comes a good number of modifications intended to facilitate the use of the OpenSpace3D editor and some of its plugITs.

This involves a lot of small practical additions, such as new shortcuts to access different views of your scene or the support of the GLB format, but also features that quickly become essential when editing advanced scenes, such as the possibility to hide objects during the edition or the improved copy-paste of plugITs which now allows to select the links between the plugITs to copy.

Also note, the revision of the “Object track” plugIT which sees a redesign of its interface for a more intuitive use and enhanced with new editing options, the appearance of the “List” plugIT allowing to manage a dynamically-sized list of variables and other plugIT improvements.





A new plugIT is appearing with a feature that has been requested regularly and that we wanted to implement for a long time: augmented reality without markers!

Thanks to a SLAM (Simultaneous Localization And Mapping) algorithm, OpenSpace3D uses the camera to detect surfaces in your environment and couples them with the device’s gyroscope to position and follow a virtual object in your environment, thus eliminating the need for any support.

The integration of SLAM is still experimental and is therefore likely to evolve a lot. But this allows us to have an overview today of what will be possible with OpenSpace3D in the future.



This version of OpenSpace3D also brings new plugITs and updates to existing plugITs that streamline and improve the interconnection and transmission of information between plugITs.

A new category of “String” plugITs appears with tools allowing to modify and split text, parameters or data. These plugITs have a wide variety of applications, from adapting user interface text to managing information from databases.

Many other plugITs, such as the “Object click” plugIT, have been modified with new events or new options allowing more information to be retrieved to pass to subsequent plugITs, for ever greater versatility.