OpenSpace3D 1.85

OPENSPACE3D V1.85: Another step forward

On OpenSpace3D 1.85 we focused on the ease of use for templates and user experience.
For instance we have add menus to import a scene template or a plugITs template directly from the fonctions interface
A user level can be choose, in the preferences window, to filter the plugITs list commonly used.
Support for fonts on all platforms has been added to allow display of French accents in interfaces.
Also the 3D library has been updated with objects and room assemblies.

OpenSpace3D 1.85 features


The editor windows can now be detach.
Tools for the scene tree manipulation and filtering have been added.
Colors of the plugITs instances can now be choose and the plugIT’s description is shown in the plugIT box.
The optimisation of imported 3D models now offer more options.
A major change concern default ressources and library, the default 3D models, demos and example are now installed in the system folder and no more in the OpenSpace3D folder that remain exclusive for the user data.
So the files dialogs have been updated to look in the two folders at the same time.


This update of OpenSpace3D also brings new plugITs such as “Explode”, that allows you to animate an exploded view of a multi-part object, or “LOD Bias”, to manage a camera LOD level.
Several plugITs have been updated with new options like “Video” that now allows to play 3D video content.