OpenSpace3D 1.83

OPENSPACE3D V1.83: Oculus Mobile support

With its 1.83 version, OpenSpace3D now supports standalone virtual reality headsets sold by Oculus. You can now enjoy your virtual reality experiences wirelessly and without any external device thanks to the Oculus Quest!

Among the supported feature is hand detection and tracking. This still experimental technology will allow you to create more immersive experiences than ever, by discarding the controllers to interact with the virtual world with your own hands instead!

A new demo, VR cells, is also available. Specially designed for the Oculus Quest, it will give you an idea of what can be done on the Oculus standalone headsets.





The VR templates have been updated to support both OpenVR compatible headsets and Oculus standalone headsets, and to offer improved ergonomics and more flexibility. The behavior of 3D VR interfaces has been revised, for a more fluid and pleasant experience.

PlugITs have been improved too! The “Custom Interface” plugIT gains in flexibility, now making it possible to change the hierarchy of interface elements and to hide the elements during editing for faster, simpler and more readable changes. The “Real-time graph” plugIT has also been updated and now offers better sizing, to display a legend and to export the graph in .png format.

Finally, the new plugIT “Object 2D position” will allow you to easily position objects on the screen from 2D coordinates. Creating user interfaces from 3D objects has never been so precise and easy!