OpenSpace3D 1.22

OPENSPACE3D V1.22 and new Ebook

We finally did it, OpenSpace3D now allows to export your apps on IOS devices!

On this release we focused our work on multi platform features with the addition of the sensors and gamepads support for Linux / Raspberry pi / OSX / IOS.

The new Introduction to OpenSpace3D Ebook will allow you to learn step by step how to make augmented reality and virtual reality apps through different exercises and finally with a complete mini game tutorial.

You can try the Ebook’s final project on Google Play. Get it on Google Play





Make your apps compatible for all the main platforms! We have done our best to make the export for each platform the most simple as possible.



OpenSpace3D 1.21

OPENSPACE3D V1.21 : Community release

With the help and feedback of our community, we added several requested features.

On the menu, Bluetooth Serial communication on Android to control Arduino devices, more Raspberry PI plugITs and several ergonomics addition and changes, like the dynamic view of the augmented reality markers when editing.

OS3D 1.21



OpenSpace3D 1.20

OPENSPACE3D V1.20 : New platform

This new 1.20 release add support for MacOS applications! Android, Linux and Raspberry Pi support have been further improved.

After many feedback from our community, several functions have been added or updated with their documentation.

OS3D 1.15




Our community asked for it for a long time! You can finally easily create Augmented Reality applications with OpenSpace3D for MacOS.
IOS version for Iphone and Ipad is in progress.



Raspberry PI support now have several new plugITs to control more interfaces.
Make robots with OpenSpace3D and Raspberry PI, make them become real with a 3D printer, make them moves with several servo motors and make them smart using Augmented Reality and sensors!


Raspberry Pi

OpenSpace3D 1.15

OPENSPACE3D V1.15 : A new step

The OpenSpace3D team is pleased to announce the 1.15 release with the improvement of multiplatform support!

Exports to Raspberry Pi and Linux are now available and several updates were made!

OS3D 1.15


Raspberry Pi


Known for its interest in the creative development « Do It Yourself » and in the new technology learning, you can now export your application to Raspberry Pi.


Use the PI camera module or the USB cameras for your Augmented Reality programs! Eight new PlugITs for the input/output management will allow you to directly control your electronic components with OpenSpace3D.



In order to continue on the momentum achieved, we are expanding your applications’ distribution by allowing their export to 32 or 64 bits Linux operating system, and with your favorite distros.


Multi NFT


Two new demos are emerging:
First Aid Training: An Augmented Reality application which allow you to learn or review the first aid steps, to follow in the case you are facing a crisis!

AlienCrash: Another one under a video game form, expanded over several levels, will test your tenacity ! This application for PC and mobile will entertain you!


OpenSpace3D 1.10

OPENSPACE3D V1.10 : New release

As part of our commitment to provide you an even more efficient product, we have improved the Augmented Reality features and integrated the ARToolKit library for the image detection and tracking (Natural Feature Tracking) into Openspace3D !

You can also watch our new presentation video of your software right now.

OS3D 1.10


AR toolkit


The ARToolKit technology is recognized as the most popular augmented reality library. Now used by OpenSpace3D you’ll be able to create professional augmented reality applications.



A crucial element for certain of your applications is the possibility to detect several image markers in real-time, the AR Marker plugIT now allows it. You won’t have to do anything in order to benefit it!


The AR Marker plugIT also includes a new feature which allows the marker content to interact with your virtual object ; hence, you can for exemple assign a drawing as a marker and paint in real time on your 3D model.


Multi NFT
Coloring AR



The Video plugIT now supports the majority of the video formats and become available for Android! You can also play your video from Youtube or any URL address on your application.
From now on, You can apply reverberation sound effects to your scene. This effects are set thanks to the new plugIT : Ambient sound effect in the media list.



To help you to understand better the update uses, we provide you four new demos, available in your OpenSpace3D demos folder like always. Two of them are dedicated to the use of the new features of the AR Marker plugIT : the ARCards demo for the Multi-tracking and the Coloringfish demo for the 3D coloring. While the ARvideo demo will allow you to rapidly visualize the updates of the Video plugIT.

In addition we added the ARAndy demo, in order to show you the possibilities which are offered by the animation part in Openspace3D, note that it got some important improvements on that new version.



Once again we are grateful to the OpenSpace3D community for his incredible support on the project! Your feedback are useful and allow us to make an even more innovative and a better quality software.

A special thanks for your translation into Russian and Portuguese, this is very important for our users and for us.
React on the forum.


OpenSpace3D 1.9.5

OPENSPACE3D V1.9.5 : New release

This new OpenSpace3D release also introduces our new logo and web site!

This time we focused our work on optimization both on Windows and Android, added some more plugITs and completed the Google Cardboard support.

OS3D splash



Always more features with the update of several plugITs and their documentation. Among them we added the support of the Android magnet sensor, so you can use the Google Cardboard magnet button.
We also added a new blob detector with a sample, to track circular shapes on camera and an interface plugIT to add text zones with Android compatibility.



Android export now supports more devices and allows to choose the platform type, of which X86 devices with Intel processors like Asus, Acer, Lenovo, or HP.

The 3D surface size is automatically set to optimize rendering speed.

Input peripherals like keyboard, mouse or gamepad, are now managed on Android using Bluetooth devices or OTG USB cable.



Our team also updated the Easy Ogre Export for 3ds Max that now supports the generation of advanced shaders for mobile devices like Android, plus a lot of new features like texture shifting.


OpenSpace3D 1.9

OPENSPACE3D V1.9 : New release

Android export support has finally come !
Applications for Android devices can now be created easily and quickly with OpenSpace3D.




A new demo has been created to show you the new capabilities of OpenSpace3D on Android.
It highlights the 3D visualization, virtual tour with multi-touch and Augmented Reality.
The Industrial Robot and Car Showroom demos have been optimized for Android.





Our users contributed to the project by realizing the new Loft3D demo, and by translating OpenSpace3D in two new languages : Russian and Italian. It comes to complete the languages already available for OpenSpace3D (French, English, Portugese).
The OpenSpace3D team thanks them for their input to the community.



The 3D engine made a step forward with the update towards Ogre3D 1.10
The performance of Augmented Reality has been raised.
A video tutorial showing how to make an Augmented Reality application and export it on an Android device is now available on Youtube.


OpenSpace3D 1.8.5

OPENSPACE3D V1.8.5 : New release

On the menu for this new version, we have the support of multi-language with the French version of OpenSpace3D.
The support of the Tobii EyeX device for the detection of eye tracking has been added, along with a new demo as a game!
New video tutorials and an updated documentation.





OpenSpace3D is available in English, French and Portuguese (Brazilian). The Chinese and Italian versions are underway.
Also we made five new video tutorials on Youtube.
The support of the Oculus Rift DK2 has been improved.
The 3D engine is more efficient.


OpenSpace3D 1.8.1

OPENSPACE3D V1.8.1 : New update

OpenSpace3D 1.8.1 allows to create applications with the Oculus Rift DK2!
Expecting an Oculus Rift under the Christmas tree? Start creating applications or video games with OpenSpace3D!
Several fixes and enhancements, including physics fluid volume management to simulate floating objects (buoyancy).


OpenSpace3D 1.8

OPENSPACE3D V1.8 : New release

OpenSpace3D 1.8 brings a multitude of new features and improvements!
Among them an update of the Leap Motion and Myo devices and the implementation of a new version of Newton physics engine 3.
And of course plugITs documentation was updated and complemented.


Dual Myo


The new version of MYO plugIT now allows connecting multiple armband at once.
The Leap Motion PlugIT allows to manipulate physical objects through the management of the forces applied on each finger as well as the management of the “VR” mode to connect the Motion Leap with the Oculus.



New demos with “FPS demo”, first person view game level using a physic game play and the new version of “FPS navigation” plugIT, “Environment” will allow you to manipulate the weather and “Solar system VR” for a virtual tour of the solar system with the Oculus and Leap Motion.
Ergonomics has been improved in the edition of the plugITs to display a gizmo on the Distance plugIT or select objects by clicking in the 3D view.
New plugITs allow you to manipulate objects with the mouse, to create a transition on water and sky or to create animation paths.
Last but not least, navigations and interfaces PlugITs, such as the button, can now be used with the multi touch on Windows Pro tablets.
To view the details of the changes go to the download page.


Solar VR



The physics engine has been updated with Newton 3.
Import of 3D formats support has been improved with the update of the Assimp library.
A multitude of aditional fixes and improvements, and integration of the requests of our users.