OpenSpace3D 1.71

OPENSPACE3D V1.71 : Useful tools and corrections

This update introduces a number of small improvements in OpenSpace3D : some plugITs got useful new options, some saw their behaviours improved. A few new plugITs are also available such as the “Countdown” plugIT.

The physics engine, volumetric lighting and particles got some upgrades as well.

New VR templates are also available, providing different control schemes for your immersive experiences.

OS3D 1.71


Custom Interface plugIT


But the most noteworthy addition of this update is the new “Custom Interface” plugIT and its powerful user interface editor, able to create an interface perfectly suited to your project, be it a form, a HUD (Head Up Display) or an option or level selection menu.

This plugIT will be complemented with new types of interface element and new options in the future. Your suggestions and requests are welcome, so do not hesitate to let us know !