OpenSpace3D 1.10

OPENSPACE3D V1.10 : New release

As part of our commitment to provide you an even more efficient product, we have improved the Augmented Reality features and integrated the ARToolKit library for the image detection and tracking (Natural Feature Tracking) into Openspace3D !

You can also watch our new presentation video of your software right now.

OS3D 1.10


AR toolkit


The ARToolKit technology is recognized as the most popular augmented reality library. Now used by OpenSpace3D you’ll be able to create professional augmented reality applications.



A crucial element for certain of your applications is the possibility to detect several image markers in real-time, the AR Marker plugIT now allows it. You won’t have to do anything in order to benefit it!


The AR Marker plugIT also includes a new feature which allows the marker content to interact with your virtual object ; hence, you can for exemple assign a drawing as a marker and paint in real time on your 3D model.


Multi NFT
Coloring AR



The Video plugIT now supports the majority of the video formats and become available for Android! You can also play your video from Youtube or any URL address on your application.
From now on, You can apply reverberation sound effects to your scene. This effects are set thanks to the new plugIT : Ambient sound effect in the media list.



To help you to understand better the update uses, we provide you four new demos, available in your OpenSpace3D demos folder like always. Two of them are dedicated to the use of the new features of the AR Marker plugIT : the ARCards demo for the Multi-tracking and the Coloringfish demo for the 3D coloring. While the ARvideo demo will allow you to rapidly visualize the updates of the Video plugIT.

In addition we added the ARAndy demo, in order to show you the possibilities which are offered by the animation part in Openspace3D, note that it got some important improvements on that new version.



Once again we are grateful to the OpenSpace3D community for his incredible support on the project! Your feedback are useful and allow us to make an even more innovative and a better quality software.

A special thanks for your translation into Russian and Portuguese, this is very important for our users and for us.
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