Scene tree and Resources

The OpenSpace3D scene tree displays all the loaded resources in the scene and their hierarchy.

Scene Tree

Scene tree example :

Each elements of the loaded scene tree in Openspace3D are displayed by specific icons :




Scene Principal node of the 3D application.
Compositors Compositor.
Camera 3D caméra.
Light 3D light.
Group Group.
Mesh 3D object.
Noeud Scene node.
Animation Animation object.
Sky Sky object.
Bones Object bone.
Particle system Particle object.
Dynamic cube map Dynamic cube map object
Dynamic Reflection map Dynamic Reflection map object.

N.B : you can set the parameters of an element by right clicking on it.


Here are the available features of the scene tree:

Feature Description
Set rendering setting Render parameters of the scene. More informations
Set Shadow Method Shadow method Parameter of the scene in real time.
Set Fog setting Fog Parameter of the 3D scene.
Set environment setting Environnement parameters of the scene. More informations
Set Material Scheme Edit a material
Set physic setting Physical parameters of the 3D scene.
Show scene grid Display/Hide the grid in the 3D scene.
Show scene helpers Display/Hide the icons for the dummies, cameras or lights.
Auto fit on select Enable/Disable the auto-center on an object when it is selected.
Add sky dome Add a sky dome in the 3D scene.
Add sky box Add a sky box in the 3D scene.
Add sky plan Add a sky plan in the 3D scene.
Add mesh Add a mesh in the 3D scene.
Add compositor Add a compositor in the 3D scene.)
Add Camera Add a camera in the 3D scene.
Add Light Add a light in the 3D scene.
Add Dummy Add a dummy in the 3D scene.
Add Particle system Add a particle system in the 3D scene.
Import to scene Import a supported file (.xos, .scene,.OBJ,.FBX, etc) into the scene.
Add resources to scene Add graphics resource in the scene.
Add dynamic cube map Dynamically add a cubemap.
Add dynamic reflection map Add a dynamic reflection map or a dynamic refraction map.
Add new Group Add a new group.