SCOL technology presentation

SCOL origin

SCOL is a programming language directly thought for network uses, for an interaction between users, for multimedia features and 3D navigation.

Behind the simplicity, the power

It is an « interpreted » language, which allow to develop it according to his wishes and needs. However the SCOL language learning is only necessary for the people who want to develop very specific applications.

Several possibilities

Scol includes complex development libraires (network, 3D engine, 2D interface, audio, video, SQL, ...).

Engine presentation

Since november 2008, I-maginer is actively working on a new 3D engine : the S03Engine.
In this way, we have integrated a powerful 3D engine in the SCOl technology : « Ogre 3D ».

Indeed, It allows 3D application development in real time.
SO3Engine features come from the Ogre engine features.