OpenSpace3D platform presentation

With OpenSpace3D, a platform directly developed with the SCOL technology, all users can finally build fully interactive 3D scenes of great graphic richness without entering a single line of code. This platform has many ready-to-use features that are flexible and easy to use.

The realization of an OpenSpace3D application therefore consists of integrating different functions and defining their reciprocal interactions.

Develop quickly and intuitively

OpenSpace3D allows to create applications entirely by assembling functions (called PlugITs), without programming

Each of the available PlugITs manages a feature of the application, for example a video, a web link, an animation, the movement of an object ... From this library, choose your PlugITs and combine them freely to build your application by defining the links between them.

A simple concept, a tool accessible to everyone

OpenSpace3D is a multi-purpose platform with several levels of use depending on the skills of your teams.

3D Graphic Designer: Easily and quickly integrate your own 3D productions by integrating them in real time into our platform and applying functions and interactions.

Integrator: Build an entire application using the basic elements provided in our library and defining interactions between a wide variety of PlugITs.

Developer: OpenSpace3D being an open platform, learning the Scol programming language allows developers who want to go further to create their own PlugITs and to use advanced OpenSpace3D features. This level is mainly for experienced developers and very advanced users.