The Openspace3D project started in the I-maginer studios. One of our objective is to make the creation of real-time 3D content accessible to a broad public. We also implemented advanced Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality functionalities.

This project is Open Source and entirely free, which means that it can freely be used for personnal projects, by companies (for commercial purpose or not), but also within multimedia creation schools.

OpenSpace3D is as well designed to create customer projects as to create video games, virtual tours, Augmented Reality applications, product presentations or amateur projects. Applications produced with it can be deployed on numerous platforms, including Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS and Raspberry Pi.

This document is provided for an autonomous learning of the software

No software development skill is required to use OpenSpace3D. Thus, it allows neophyte users to learn in a simple and progressive way to use the platform.

For more informations or any question about the software, don't hesitate to contact us.
The Scolring forum, supported by a community (of which the developers of the OpenSpace3D platform are members), is also here to help you.

Have a good reading and be creative !

The Openspace3D team.