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3D configuration

Once the Scol Voy@ger installed (it automatically installs with Openspace3D), it is possible to set the « SO3Engine » 3D engine parameters via the Scol Voy@ger configuration.

Right click on the Scol Voy@ger icon in the task bar (and select Setup) :

We have an access to the configuration menu.

The second section gives us access to the SO3Engine parameters.

1/ 3D information section of the user material, the installed DirectX version, the SO3Engine version and the used Ogre3D version.
2/ The Test 3D zone allows to check the current 3D used in Openspace3D.
3/ Render method : 2 middleware render methods are used :
- DirectX
- OpenGL

N.B 1 : The Scol Voy@ger needs to be relaunched in order to apply modifications.

N.B 2 : DirectX/OpenGL
In Windows, it is recommended to work with DirectX for a good 3D stability.

4/ Smoothing : They are the Anti-Aliasing parameters that improves the 3D render by limiting the "staircase effects".

Note that the multisamping level (DirectX) or pass level (OpenGl) affects the render quality.

However if we observe a fps drop in the 3D scene preview, it can be usefull to decrease the antialiasing level for optimized 3D scene.